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+998 (71) 202-02-10

Private companies selling electricity to appear in Uzbekistan

In order to create equal conditions for connecting private generating enterprises, it was proposed to divide the powers of JSC “National Electric Grids of Uzbekistan” for the purchase of electricity and management of backbone networks:

– a single buyer company will buy electricity from all power plants on a contractual basis and sell it to large enterprises and enterprises of regional electric networks;

– the operator of the main networks will be responsible for the transportation of electricity, reduction of losses and technical management of the energy system.

In addition, next year, private electricity retail companies will be organized in 14 districts and cities as an alternative to “Hududiy elektr tarmoqlari” JSC.

The President also instructed to take measures to optimize the operating costs of enterprises in the industry, modernize power lines and develop a program for training highly qualified personnel necessary for the implementation of reforms.