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Online video conference was held with the leadership of American company “Sangita Capital Partners”

Specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Center for Crop Variety Testing also took part in the negotiations.The purpose of the meeting was to discuss possible cooperation in the agricultural sector, in particular, in the cultivation and cultivation of cannabis for industrial purposes.

Opening the meeting, Anthony Sanson, CEO of Sangita Capital Partners spoke about the successful experience in this area of American companies involved in the cultivation, collection, storage, packaging and distribution of technical hemp, which is actively used in the textile and chemical industries, in the construction sphere, in medicine and in the production of paper products. In turn, Sangita has invested in this industry in the United States about $ 250-260 million.

On the part of the specialists of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, it was noted that in March of this year, in accordance with the law signed by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, this industry was demonopolized and the circulation of cannabis for industrial purposes for legal entities was allowed. Until now, the cultivation and circulation of technical cannabis could only be carried out by state-owned enterprises and only for scientific purposes.

Today, the process of developing legal and regulatory documents governing the cultivation, import and export, processing, storage, procedure for obtaining licenses for the activity, sale and distribution of cannabis is under way. Mirjamshid Murtalibov, Deputy Director of the Center for Crop Variety Testing, noted that at the moment one pilot project has been launched in this sector, which will help to establish and finalize licensing protocols and documentation.

The head of the Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ibrahim Khodzhaev, spoke about the agricultural potential of Uzbekistan, emphasized that 28% of the republic’s GDP falls on agriculture. If Sangita Capital Partners is interested in cooperation, the specialists of the ministry are ready to assist in the implementation of various investment projects, both for the cultivation of industrial crops and fruit and vegetable products. Representatives of the Investment Promotion Agency noted that they are also ready to provide information and consulting support for a deeper acquaintance with the market of Uzbekistan.

As a result of online negotiations, an agreement was reached on the preparation and submission of a questionnaire for the preparation of the next stage of negotiations. It is noted that today in the world about 30 thousand different types of goods are made from technical hemp varieties.