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Nike and Adidas sneaker line will be launched in Uzbekistan

The Uzcharmsanoat Association confirmed the information about the start of this project. The Nike and Adidas sneaker line will launch in Q4 2021 and will be fully operational in Q3 2022. The plant is expected to produce 3 million pairs of athletic shoes per year.

For the construction of the plant, JV Sino International LLC allocated 1 hectare of land in the Asaka district of the Andijan region, where the equipment was delivered and installed. Production started in Q4 2020.

According to the Uzcharmsanoat Association, in a pilot mode, the plant has launched the production of 40,000 pairs of children’s and teenage sneakers under a local brand per month with the involvement of unemployed men and women in the region.

The investor of the project is Fan Rong Xuan, who plans to invest $ 12 million in direct investments. At the moment, a foreign investor has already invested $ 6 million.

After the coronavirus pandemic in China is completely eradicated, investor Fang Rong Xuan plans to import the remaining equipment. According to the agreement between Tianjin Zhongzhilihua and Sino International LLC, signed in 2019, production of Nike and Adidas sneakers will be launched in Andijan region in stages from 2020 to 2022 (in total, in three stages).

It is expected that 50% of finished products will be exported to Central Asian countries, 30% to other countries through participation in international fairs and 20% will be sold in the domestic market.