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“NBU Invest Group” put up for auction 99.9% of the shares of the cluster “Marmar Obod”

The starting price of the lot is 80 billion soums

The founder of the project-cluster “Marmar Obod” in the Navoi region (Gazgan city) “NBU Gazgan Invest” put up for auction 99.9% of the company’s shares, according to data portal E-auksion.

A 99.9% share in the authorized fund of Marmar Obod is sold subject to the condition that the winner of the auction assumes the following obligations:

 to make an advance payment to the seller in the amount of 50% no later than 2 months and the remaining 50% payments in installments within 5 years without accruing interest on the remaining amount in accordance with the sale and purchase agreement concluded following the auction with the seller;

 on reimbursement of expenses for the provision of collateral, organization and conduct of the auction;

 on joint and several payment of the debt of “Marmar Obod” to the Navoi branch of the National Bank and Asakabank on loans, to “NBU Gazgan Invest” and “NBU Invest Group” on financial assistance and to the contractor;

 to ensure the fulfillment by Marmar Obod of the obligations assumed under the concluded export contracts.

According to the documents, “Marmar Obod” has licenses for the extraction of granite in the following 5 quarries for a period up to 2050:



 Pashshot-Barkash, located in the Nurata region;

 Pargot-2, located in Gazgan;

 Kurasayskoe, located in the Khatirchi district.

The enterprise occupies an area of ​​6 hectares, excluding the land plot of 5 quarries belonging to the enterprise. The area of ​​buildings is more than 15 thousand square meters. The authorized capital of the company is slightly more than 71 million soums. The net profit of the enterprise for 2021 amounted to 306.8 million soums.

Proposals are accepted until May 13 of the current year. The closing date for applications and the announcement of the winner is at 10:00 am on the same day.


Source: kapital.uz