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Issues of attracting advanced technologies to the field of effective water resources management discussed in Washington

The Ambassador of Uzbekistan to the United States Javlon Vakhabov held negotiations with the Vice President of the American company Valmont Industries Joshua Dixon, during which the parties discussed promising areas of cooperation in the development of irrigation systems in the domestic agricultural sector. During the meeting, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan informed in detail about the priority areas of the adopted strategy for the Development of Agriculture of Uzbekistan for 2020-2030, which include tasks from ensuring food security of the population and creating a favorable agribusiness climate and value chains to rational use of natural resources, and environmental protection.

The vice president of Valmont Industries noted that the technological solutions offered by his company fully meet the country’s interests in introducing mechanisms for the rational use of water resources and will be very useful in the transition to the cluster form of cotton and textile production. He added that a significant increase in bilateral cooperation in the future will make Uzbekistan a “Central Asian hub” for the production and maintenance of sprinkler irrigation equipment. During the negotiations, the parties reached an agreement on the implementation of two promising projects in the field of agriculture on the territory of Uzbekistan.

This is the implementation of a pilot project on smart irrigation technologies in Navoi or Tashkent regions, which provides for the introduction of an innovative irrigation system for agricultural land using a pivot sprinkler using advanced Valley technology. Financing of the project will amount to about 150 thousand dollars at the first stage, in the form of direct foreign investments from the Valmont company. The partners from the Uzbek side are the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Innovative Development and the Ministry of Water Resources. The second project is the creation on the territory of Uzbekistan of a modern training center for training specialists in the field of water resources management and irrigation systems.

For reference: “Valmont Industries” is a world leader in the design and manufacture of efficient irrigation equipment for agriculture, industry and public services, has 87 production facilities in 22 countries around the world, with annual revenues of $ 2.8 billion. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Nebraska, a leading US agricultural and industrial state with a GDP of over $ 100 billion.