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European Union and French Development Agency join forces to support Uzbekistan in coping with consequences of COVID-19

On July 10, the French Development Agency (FAR) and the EU approved funding of € 1.5 million to support the immediate short-term measures of the COVID-19 Action Plan adopted by “Maroqand Obod”, the leading unitary company in Samarkand’s management sector waste.

The project aims to improve the management of medical waste in Samarkand, as well as to ensure the safety of workers in the field of municipal solid waste management in the city, at the forefront of crisis management. The action plan was developed as part of the project “Modernization of the integrated management of municipal solid waste in the city of Samarkand”, jointly funded by the Government of Uzbekistan, the FAR and the European Union.

“I am sure that only by joint efforts will we achieve great results. The EU will continue to support the Government of Uzbekistan by providing additional financial assistance and redirecting existing financial resources to solve the most acute problems associated with the current crisis caused by COVID-19”, said European Union Ambassador to Uzbekistan Eduards Stipreis.

In turn, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Ecology and Environmental Protection Islombek Bokizhonov noted that “the COVID-19 pandemic has become a big challenge for the whole world. Undoubtedly, the contribution of health officials and local authorities is invaluable. At the same time, there are representatives of another sector who during the pandemic period endanger themselves and work around the clock. These are employees of the waste management sector, which is engaged in the disposal of household waste from our cities and regions. The performance of representatives of this sector plays a decisive role in improving the healthcare management system, as well as in overcoming the pandemic situation”.

“The spread of COVID-19 is increasing, and it is imperative that the state waste collection and management service continues to operate”, said Rafael Jozan, head of the regional representative office of the FAR in Tashkent. – Combating COVID-19 involves the proper management of medical waste. Workers in the waste sector are at the forefront, they are at high risk of infection, and PAR welcomes all measures taken by the State Committee for Ecology of the Republic and SUE “Maroqand Obod” to ensure the safety and increase the potential of these workers.Uzbekistan is once again demonstrating its leadership in crisis management by implementing exemplary measures and strategies that will inspire partners in the region.