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Antimonopoly committee preliminarily approved deals on merger and purchase of shares for 1 trillion soums

Among the examples of transactions, the acquisition of a 100% stake in the authorized capital of FE LLC ANGLESEY FOOD (supermarkets under the korzinka.uz brand) from Singapore’s ANGLESEY INVESTMENTS PTE. LTD.

Until July 1, 2020, the Antimonopoly Committee and its territorial departments received 64 applications for obtaining preliminary consent for market concentration. 14 of them are related to mergers and acquisitions of economic entities, and another 50 are applications for the acquisition of shares (shares) in the authorized capital (authorized capital) of economic entities, 18 of which were submitted by foreign investors,

All applications received by the Committee during the first half of the year were carefully analyzed. The total amount of transactions amounted to 1.013 trillion. soums. 47.3 percent or 479 billion soums falls on foreign investors.

They plan to use foreign capital as direct investments or technologies in the textile, pharmaceutical, information, electrical, construction and food industries.

Examples of transactions approved by the antimonopoly authority in the first half of the year include: Acquisition of 70% of shares in the authorized capital of JV LLC “HYUNDAI AUTO ASIA” from LLP “Motor Company” Astana-Motors “(Kazakhstan). The main activity of Astana-Motors is the sale and maintenance of cars.

  • Acquisition of a 100% stake in the authorized capital of FE LLC ANGLESEY FOOD from ANGLESEY INVESTMENTS PTE. LTD. ” (Singapore). The field of activity of FE LLC “ANGLESEY FOOD” is retail sale of goods in specialized stores (supermarkets under the brand korzinka.uz).
  • Joining the JV AGROMIR BUKHARA LLC and the AGROMIR CHUST JV LLC to the AGROMIR JV LLC. and vegetable juices.