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+998 (71) 202-02-10

An investment program for the next three years was adopted

By a presidential decree of December 28, 2020, measures were approved for the implementation of the Investment Program of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2021–2023. (see PP-4937)

The investment program for 2021–2023 includes:

  • summary forecast parameters for the development of capital investments in 2021–2023, as well as forecast parameters for the development and attraction of investments and loans in 2021–2023, providing for the development of centralized and non-centralized investments in the amount of 928.7 trillion soums, including $ 37, 5 billion foreign investment;
  • a targeted program for the commissioning of large production facilities and facilities in 2021, which provides for the creation of 226 new production facilities and more than 34 thousand jobs.

The document also approved:

  • a consolidated targeted program for the development of investments and loans in 2021, as well as the forecast indicators of its quarterly execution;
  • a targeted program of investment projects implemented in 2021 with the attraction of foreign loans under the state guarantee of the republic, as well as with the attraction of foreign direct investment and loans;
  • a list of investment projects for which the development, coordination and approval of pre-project and project documentation in 2021 is required;
  • a list of promising investment projects to be developed in 2021.

In the structure of the central office of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade, the Post-Investment Monitoring Department was created. Its activities are mainly aimed at analyzing the level of use of the created production capacities and facilities within the framework of investment programs, assisting project initiators in achieving technical and economic indicators of investment projects.