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+998 (71) 202-02-10

1.6 trillion soums will be allocated for development of free economic zones

Until the end of this year, the state will allocate 1.6 trillion soums to improve the infrastructure of free economic zones (FEZ) and small industrial zones (MPZ). This became known during a meeting of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, dedicated to the implementation of investment projects in the FEZ of Uzbekistan.

584 billion soums are planned to be spent on the construction of electricity, gas and water supply networks, sewerage systems and roads in 17 FEZs, another 395 billion soums will go to the development of 145 small industrial plants in the regions.

It also provides for the allocation of 232 billion soums to improve infrastructure in the implementation of large investment projects. 264 billion soums will be allocated to support industry and business in 33 underdeveloped regions.

This year, it is planned to implement 332 projects worth $ 1.1 billion in the FEZ of the republic, and 1,800 projects worth 9.5 trillion soums at the refinery for the production of import-substituting and export-oriented products.

There are 23 FEZs in Uzbekistan, as well as 348 MPZs. To date, 453 projects worth $ 2.6 billion have been implemented in the FEZ and about 36 thousand new jobs have been created. 1,497 projects worth 5 trillion soums have been implemented in the republic’s industrial plant.