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In general, more than 300 enterprises with participation of Chinese investments, including 52 with 100% Chinese investment, the main activities of which are the production of light industry products, agricultural processing, mediation services, etc. Special attention is paid to long-term and mutually beneficial relations with leading industrial companies of the PRC, primarily the development of industries based on high technologies.

Joint projects are successfully implemented in the oil and gas and telecommunications industries, in the field of transport, textile, chemical industry and other areas. Chinese business entities participated in construction of many new industrial enterprises in Uzbekistan, in particular, Dekhkanabad potash fertilizer plant, Kungrad soda plant.

With the assistance of entrepreneurs of China in Uzbekistan, production of electrical products, mobile phones, construction equipment has been established. Huawei has implemented 20 projects for development of telecommunication networks in the city of Tashkent and regions of Uzbekistan. Modems, smartphones and other equipment produced jointly with ZTE Corporation are in high demand in the domestic and international markets.

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