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Investment loans

Investment loan:

Investment loan – a loan provided for construction, reconstruction or technical re-equipment (including the development of design estimates and project appraisal, procurement of equipment, construction and other works), as well as the purchase or creation of other fixed assets and related purchases part of the working capital necessary to ensure the normal operation of industrial facilities and the service sector.

Investment loans are granted to business entities with the rights of a legal entity, regardless of the form of ownership, in national and foreign currencies, having deposit accounts on demand with the Bank. The issuance of investment loans in foreign currency is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the “Regulation on the procedure for lending to investment projects in freely convertible currency”, registered by the Ministry of Justice on March 22, 1999 No. 681.

When deciding on the provision of investment loans in foreign currency to borrowers by the Bank, special attention is paid to the availability of sources for their repayment based on the basic principle – currency self-repayment of lending activities.

Investment loans are issued to borrowers on the basis of repayment, payment, security, urgency and intended use. Borrowers are responsible for the efficient use of credit resources of the bank. In cases of violation of credit conditions, measures of economic impact are applied to them.

Investment loans are provided at the expense of own and attracted credit resources in compliance with the economic standards established by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan for operations in national and foreign currency.

An investment loan is granted on commercial terms, which are determined in the loan agreement concluded between the bank and the borrower, with interest in the national currency (when issuing a loan in national currency) and in foreign currency (when issuing a loan in freely convertible currency). Any changes to the loan conditions are made out by an additional agreement to the loan agreement.

The term for granting an investment loan is established in the loan agreement according to the feasibility study submitted by the borrower, depending on the payback period of the project, necessary for it to complete the project and start production of the products stipulated by the project, but not more than 3.5 years (42 months).

When deciding on the provision of an investment loan, special attention is paid to the availability of sources and guarantees of its repayment, the timeliness of the borrower to fulfill its obligations to the bank on previously issued loans.

Qualification requirements for the borrower, initiator of the investment project:
  • a borrower with the rights of a legal entity must be properly created and registered in the manner prescribed by law;
  • the financial condition of the borrower must be satisfactory, it should not be threatened by bankruptcy or other judicial and extrajudicial procedures that could adversely affect the successful implementation of the project;
  • borrowers with a positive credit history have the pre-emptive right to receive investment loans, provided that the project meets the requirements of the Bank’s credit policy;
  • in order to minimize the Bank’s risks in financing investment projects, the minimum share of the borrower’s own funds should be at least 30% of the total project cost. If the indicators of the investment project on loan repayment are acceptable for the Bank in some cases, based on the permission of the Council of the Bank, a decision of the Credit Commission may be made on reducing the share of the borrower’s own funds in the project.

To obtain an investment loan, the borrower shall submit the following documents to the Lending Branch of the Branch:

  • an application (loan application) for an investment loan, in which the purpose, amount, payment currency, term for which an investment loan, collateral is requested must be indicated;
  • copies of the constituent documents of the borrower (charter, certificate of state registration, licenses to carry out activities from administrative bodies). In this case, all documents with expired dates must be updated or have a prolongation;
  • protocol decision of the meeting of the founders on their consent to receive an investment loan;
  • a business plan with a mandatory indication of the forecast of cash receipts to the bank account of the borrower (cash flow) for the entire period of lending to the investment project, as well as the reflection in it: a feasibility study of the credited event and the project self-sufficiency; characteristics of the purchased goods, the country in which it will be purchased, cost, and when purchasing equipment – data on the supply of necessary raw materials; a comprehensive schedule of work for the entire period of construction, adjustment of equipment and development of production facilities; calculation of the term of use and repayment of the loan; protocols of intentions and contracts for the sale of finished products concluded with potential buyers, ensuring the normal commissioning and production and commercial activities of the project, linking the timing of the investment project with the terms of the loan; other information justifying the feasibility of financing an investment project;
  • copies of the balance sheets adopted by the district (city) state tax inspectorate (form No. 1) and reports on financial results (form No. 2) for the last two-year reporting period, a breakdown of accounts receivable and accounts payable with attached copies of reconciliation statements for debts over 90 days;
  • copy of the conclusion of the audit organization confirming the satisfactory financial position of the borrower (applies to enterprises that are required to carry out audits in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Auditing Activities”);
  • a certificate of the availability of borrowed funds from other lenders and available funds held in other banks, as well as information on the participation of their capital in the creation of other enterprises;
  • documents confirming the person’s right to sign a loan agreement on behalf of the borrower, if the person is a representative of the borrower, signature samples;
  • documents related to ensuring the repayment of an investment loan;
  • other documents stipulated by internal regulatory documents of the Bank.

If necessary, the lending unit of the branch may require additional documents or information from the borrower regarding the subject of the issue under consideration, the financial condition of the borrower, the collateral offered by him, necessary for the branch in the process of analyzing the investment project. In order to avoid the risk of non-repayment of the investment loan, the borrower must submit a collateral bank for the implementation of the project, the main requirement for which is its quick and free feasibility. The borrower may present one of the following types of collateral:

  • pledge of property of the borrower or third parties having the status of a legal entity;
  • guarantees or insurance policies of insurance organizations acceptable to the Bank;
  • sureties of third parties with the status of a legal entity having a stable financially stable state with verified solvency (guarantees of organizations that have or had past due debts to the Bank, an unacceptable credit rating for the Bank, unprofitable organizations and organizations having an illiquid balance cannot be accepted;
  • other types of collateral, not prohibited by the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and giving reasonable assurance that the collateral adequately protects the investment loan and can be realized.
The Bank cannot be accepted as collateral:
  • property that, according to the legislation or due to specific conditions (remoteness, being in protected areas, illiquidity, inseparability from other (unencumbered) property, etc.), cannot be freely bought and sold;
  • property rights in doubt;
  • property pledged for other obligations of the borrower, if the Bank has not concluded a properly executed (in the case of real estate pledge – notarized) agreement with a valid pledge holder on the transfer to the Bank of the right to pledge;
  • property that is seized or there is a threat of seizure;
  • property pledged for other obligations of the borrower;
  • intangible assets (trademarks, know-how, engineering, etc.).
All types and conditions of loans offered by PJSC “Trustbank” to business entities:
  • Loans

    Lending to legal entities is one of the strategic activities of Trustbank, which provides customers with a wide range of loan products, a flexible approach to the selection and evaluation of collateral, convenient repayment schemes, as well as the development of individual financial and credit schemes.

  • Special Benefits:

    Efficiency of decision-making, competitive interest rates on loan products, as well as professional advice provided by highly qualified bank staff, provide the client with loans in various forms and for various purposes on the most favorable terms for him.

    Loans in national currency for replenishment of working capital, financing of investment projects and microloans in national currency to small businesses.

    The subjects of small and private business include:

    – individual entrepreneurs;

     – microfirms with an average annual number of workers employed in manufacturing industries – not more than 20 people, in services and other non-productive industries – not more than 10 people, in wholesale, retail trade and public catering – not more than 5 people;

     – small enterprises with an average annual number of workers employed in industries:

     – light, food and building materials industries – not more than 200 people;

     – metalworking and instrument making, woodworking, furniture industry – no more than 100 people;

     – machine building, metallurgy, fuel and energy and chemical industries, production and processing of agricultural products, construction and other industrial and industrial sectors – not more than 50 people;

     – science, scientific services, transport, communications, services (except insurance companies), trade and public catering, and other non-productive sectors – no more than 25 people.

    – Working capital loan

    – Credit to enterprises engaged in trading activities

     – Investment loan

     – Credit to enterprises with export-oriented activities

    Investment loan:

    Object of lending: For the construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the enterprise, as well as the acquisition and creation of other fixed assets.

    Duration: up to 60 months.

    Notes: The interest rate is determined depending on the financial condition of the borrower, the proposed loan security, credit risk and other factors.

    List of documents required for obtaining a loan:

     – Statement;

     – Copies of constituent documents, licenses and other permits;

     – Business plan, feasibility study of the project payback;

     – The borrower’s balance sheet (Form No. 1) for the last reporting period submitted to the relevant state tax inspectorate, as well as acts of reconciliations on debts with a term of more than 90 days, a statement of financial results (Form No. 2) – with the exception of newly created legal entities, individual entrepreneurs , dekhkan farms carrying out activities without the formation of legal entities;

     – Documents for securing a loan;

     – Other documents depending on the loaned project.

    * PJSC “Trustbank” reserves the right to request additional documents for the most complete analysis of the solvency of the borrower.

    – Financing from the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICDF)

     – Conditions for obtaining financing from the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (MITFC)

     – Microcredit

     – Investment loan

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