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Construction of greenhouses using hydroponics

Investment proposal

Construction of a greenhouse on an area of ​​4 hectares using hydroponics in the Uzun district of the Surkhandarya region of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Name of the project

“Construction of a greenhouse on an area of ​​4 hectares using hydroponics in the Uzun district of the Surkhandarya region of the Republic of Uzbekistan”

Main goals of project

Saturation of the domestic market with high-quality fruit and vegetable products in assortment, as well as export of products to the CIS countries.

Sphere /industry

Growing vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, etc.

Implementation of schedule project

2019 year

Location of the project



Information about participants of the project:

– initiator


– co-executor (the lead sectorial of Ministry/authority/Department)


– creditor


Total costs of project

3830 thousand USD

                                                   Prospective source of financing:

– own funds

20 thousand USD

– loans of commercial banks


– the required volume of direct foreign investments

3630 thousand USD

Composition of main costs

for the purchase of equipment – 2,400 thousand USD;

 – for construction and installation works – 85 thousand USD;

 – for other expenses (working capital for the purchase of raw materials and supplies, for commissioning, selection and training of personnel) – 195 USD;


 -purchase of special equipment –950 thousand USD

Projected profitability


Projected payback period

3 years

Cash flows

Total sales2019 – 1,400.0 thousand USD

 2021 – 1,500.0 thousand USD.

 2022 – 1,700.0 USD

 Average annual expenses at maximum capacity:

 In total – 195.0 thousand USD.

Of which:

Raw materials – 30.0 thousand USD.

 Wages of workers – 110.4 thousand USD.

Other expenses – 54.6 thousand USD.

Taxes and obligatory payments are released for a period of 7 years.

Characteristics of the planned production

Fresh vegetable products that meet the ISO standard, including tomatoes -600 tons, cucumbers -100 tons, greens-50 tons.

Capacity of project/productivity

750 tons of production/year

Contribution to the project by the initiator

The business plan of the project, land and construction in progress for the creation of the project, solving organizational issues

Current status of project


Information about the initiator of the project

Full name of the enterprises


 Requisites, email, contacts

city ​​of Uzun, Surkhandarya region, Akhunbabaev St., 16

Foundation date of the enterprise

30.07.2018 year

Statutory fund

20 000 USD

Structure of founders and distribution of shares


Alimukhamedova F.Sh.  -50%

Nurova S.R.  – 50 %

Information about the founders

Full name Alimuhamedova Feruza ShavkatovnaNurova Surayo Rustamjon Kizi
Contact number +99897 432-21-15+99890 942-14-00;Work +99871 256 24 82
Email address


Contact of the performer from the MIFT

Full name




Contact number


Email address


General information

Number and types of jobs created

Total jobs: 40 units, of which:

 – AUP: 3

 – Engineering: 7

 – Workers: 30

Environmental impact statement (project EIS), which includes expected types and volumes of waste, places of their utilization

CO2 emissions – – removal of household waste – 1 ton / year – discharge of water into waste channels – 200 m3 / year

Information about the land plot for the construction of the enterprise

Total land area: 4 ha

 Existing buildings: construction in progress – 2 fl.  building (office, dining room for employees, lounge for employees, security room, garage, shower, bathroom)

Existing infrastructure

– electrical substation – 2.5 km – natural gas networks – 100 meters – roads –50 meters

 – sewer networks – available

 – railway line: – 2.5 km

The required infrastructure


Upcoming construction and installation works

Industrial and administrative buildings / structures

Designed-estimated documentation

Developed a business project plan

Power requirement (kWh), installed capacity (kWh or megawatt hour)

100 000 Kw/year

Demand for water (cub/m)

20 000 m3/year

Gas demand (cu/m)

200 000 m3/year

Market analysis, productions definition (works, services),marketing researches

Type of product

Assorted, packaged fruit and vegetable products

Annual production (ton. year)

2019 – 700 tons; 2020 – 750 tons; 2021 – 850 tons


Prospective markets sales and their shares:


10% from the total volume


90% from the total volume

Costs of products

2.0-3.0 USD per unit

Demand for raw materials (per year)

General market need

 Uzbekistan – 8.9 million tons (4.45 billion dollars USD), Russia and the CIS – 83.3 million tons (85.0 billion dollars USD), China – 499.8 million tons.  ( 300.0 billion USD)

Provision of raw materials

Uzbekistan – 0.07%

Russia, CIS and China – 0.004%

Market volume

Under construction

Expected market share

Quality and low cost of production

Main competitors


Main competitive advantage

All categories of customers

Main target groups of consumers

All categories of customers

The structure of sales according to target groups of consumers


Pricing strategy

An agreement is concluded on delivery to the Russian Federation for 5 years at a contractual market value on the day of sale

Cost structure of the final product

Agricultural raw materials 15.4%

 Depreciation 3.5%

 Other expenses 24.5%

 Salary 56.6%

 Markup 28.7%

Availability of patents, licenses, certificates in accordance with the current legislation

Decision of the Surkhandarya Regional Hokimiyat No. 716 dated 09/15/2018.

The presence of a formed database of potential customers with a confirmed willingness to purchase products

CIS countries, domestic market

Presence of marketing research


Presentation component of the project

Does not exist

Additional information

– Enterprises attracting direct private foreign investment and specializing in the production of products (rendering of services) are exempt from paying corporate income tax, property tax, single tax payment for micro firms and small enterprises, as well as mandatory contributions to the Republican Road Fund, which  provided for the amount of direct private foreign investment:


 from 300 thousand US dollars to 3 million US dollars – for a period of 3 years;


 over 3 million US dollars up to 10 million US dollars – for a period of 5 years;


 over 10 million US dollars – for a period of 7 years.


 (Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan UP-3594 dated April 11, 2005).


 – The minimum size of the share of foreign investments in the authorized capital of enterprises with foreign investments has been reduced from 30 to 15 percent.


 – The requirements for the mandatory participation of a foreign legal entity as a participant in an enterprise with foreign investment have been canceled.


 – The minimum size of the authorized capital of enterprises with foreign investments was reduced from 600 million soums to 400 million soums.  (about +/- $ 50.0 thousand dollars at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the day of investment)


 – the size of the state duty for state registration of enterprises with foreign investments has been reduced by three times;


 – the mandatory procedure for concluding export contracts for fruits and vegetables at prices not lower than the prices published by Uzagroexport JSC was canceled.

Project risks

The risk of failure to comply with the established parameters of the feasibility study of the project and / or the Business plan regarding the planned revenue; – the risk of increased construction time with untimely financing of the project; – the risk of unforeseen political and economic changes in the world, changes in the world price situation for raw materials, materials and components,  as well as finished products.

Production technology and parameters of main equipment

Depends on the investor’s preferences

Type of equipment

Greenhouse equipment – NPK Niva Grinhazuys LLC – Russia Netafim-Israel Ecoflam – Italy

Country of origin

Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, Italy, China, Spain


Processing 1100.0 thousand tons of agricultural products per year


3,350 mln. USD

Energy consumption

100 000 Kw/year

Installed capacity

Does not exist

Overall size of equipment

Does not exist

Weight of main equipment

Does not exist

Node of main equipment (lines)

Does not exist

Number of working hours per year

4800 hours/year

Duty cycle

2 shifts

Periodicity of the planned –warning repair (design and preparation works)

Does not exist

Number of people involved in the production process and their functions



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