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Poultry farming development

Project Documents

ID# 38

Investment proposal

Project title

Poultry farming development

Project objective

In the territory of Furkatsky district project in structure to a bird of factory and realization of chicken meat and eggs. Creation of new jobs.


Poultry farming
Schedule of implementation of the project – the memorandum after signing – the memorandum after signing during 1 year – within 2 years
Place of implementation of the project

Ferghana region, Furkat district

Information about participants of the project:

Initiator Kucharov Umarjon
Collaborator (industry department) “Umid parranda” LLC
Total cost of the project 2.0 million US dollars

Estimated sources of financing:

Own means

250 thousand dollars of the USA

Credits of commercial banks  
Required volume of straight lines foreign investments

1.750 million US dollars

Structure of the main expenses

– Lines for storage of birds

–  and to prepare

– installation and construction works

The predicted profitability

20% (net profit from total income, in a year)

Repayment period,predicted a payback period

3-5 years

Cash flows – Annual expenses of 385 thousand US dollars – Annual profit of 655 thousand US dollars
Characteristic planned to production

Chicken meat and egg

Design capacity/size

120 thousand heads of chickens, 30 million pieces of eggs, and 30 tons are produced. chicken meat in a year

Contribution to the project from the initiator

–          – land plot

–          – buildings and constructions

–          – license

–          – source of raw materials

–          – idea

Current status of the project

At a stage of development of the project documentation

Information about the initiator of the project

Information about the initiator of the project

“Umid parranda” LLC

Details, address, contacts


Date of foundation of the enterprise 16.06.2004
Authorized capital – 1.6 one billion sum
List of founders and distribution of shares Kucharov Umarjon – 70 %


Information about founders

Name, last name Kucharov Umarjon
Contact phone number


E-mail umarjon-66@mail.ru


Contacts of the performer from MIFT

Name, last name




Contact phone number




General information

Quantity and types of the created jobs


Impact of the project on the environment (SIE project),  including estimated types and volumes of waste, places of their utilization According to SIE implementation of the project is possible only in case of installation of a cleaning construction for production.
Information on the land plot under construction of the enterprise

The required total area for the project is 21 hectares.

The existing infrastructure

Electric power



Required infrastructure Additional electric power
Forthcoming installation and construction works 1) Production case: – general area: 3,100 m of apartment- volume 72х22*22) warehouse:- general area: 800 m of apartment- volume 40х10*2
Project- estimate documentation At a realization stage
The need for the electric power (kWh), the Integrated power (kWh / with or MW/h) Is defined after the choice of processing equipment.
The need for water (cubic meters on m) Is defined after the choice of processing equipment.
Demand for gas (t/m) Technological process does not demand technical gas supply.
Market analysis, productions definition (works, services),marketing researches

Types of products Chicken meat and chicken egg
Annual ready output 120 thousand heads of chickens, 30 million pieces egg, are produced 30 tons. chicken meat in a year  
Alleged sales markets and their shares:



50% (Iran, Avganistan)

Products cost

One live chicken of 4.5 US dollars, chicken meat of 2.3 US dollars, egg of 0.06 US dollars

The need for raw materials (in a year)

A day one chicken consumes 120 grams of grain

Size of the market

Domestic market

The expected market share

30 million eggs a year

Main competitors


Main competitive advantages

Main target groups of consumers
The structure is sold on target groups of consumers

Price strategy

Structure of cost of the final product

Poultry farming the main income is considered egg. Price of one egg of 500 sum expense of 400 bags, net income of 100 bags.

Existence of patents, licenses, certificates according to the current legislation

Is available

Existence of the created base of potential customers with the confirmed readiness to buy products


Availability of market researches

Is available

Presentation component of the project

Is available

Additional information


Risks of the project

Production technologyand key technical parameters


Equipment type

Grid for chickens

Country of origin



Depends on demand of the project


– capital equipment – mounting- expenses on transportation (with insurance)

Energy consumption


Rated capacity

Depends on demand of the project

Overall dimensions of the equipment

Length – the 90th meter/width – 1.60 cm/height – 2.90 cm

Weight of the capital equipment

Main knots of the equipment (line)

Line of feeding of chickens

Number of working hours a year

2920 hours

Running cycle

1 change

Frequency of carrying out scheduled preventive maintenance (SPM)

5 years

The number of the people involved in process of production and their function

50 units from them:   10 administrative workers   40 workers