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Project for the production of infusion solutions

Investment proposal

Name of the project

Project for the production of infusion solutions

Main goals of project

Production of infusion solutions in the zone “Nukus Farm”

Sphere /industry


Implementation of schedule project

60 moths

Location of the project

Nukus city, Uzbekistan

Information about participants of the project:

– initiator

LLC “Nukus Universal Profi” “Dried Medicamentotos RTH 1LU”

– co-executor (the lead sectorial of Ministry/authority/Department)

Ministry of Health, Ну FEZ “Nukus Farm”

– creditor


Total costs of project

4, 950, 000 USD

Prospective source of financing:                   

– own funds

25 %

– credits

25 %

– the required volume of direct foreign investments

50 %

Composition of main costs

SMR – 7.9%

Machinery and equipment 66.7%

Other expenses 25.4%

Predictable of profitability

15-20% profitability

Predictable of payback period

5 years

Cash flows

For 2 years 3, 475, 900 USD

Characteristics of the planned production

1. Hemodynamic;

2. Detoxification;

3. To correct the acid-base state;

4. To correct the ionic state;

5. For parenteral nutrition.

Capacity of project/productivity

50 bottles per minute (100 ml)

Contribution to the project by the initiator

25 % from the project 

Current status of project

At c ООО “Нукус Универсал onstruction

Information about the initiator of the project

Full name of the enterprises

LLC “Nukus Universal Profi”

Requisites, email, contacts

City Nukus st.  Utegenova, 23 Asaka Bank

 90 723 23 32;  727 87 87

Date foundation of enterprises

April  10, 2010

Statutory fund and

70 000 000 soum

Structure of founders and distribution of shares


General information

Number and types of jobs created

95 new job places will be created

Environmental impact statement (project EIS), which includes expected types and volumes of wastes, places of their utilization

1. Solid waste: paper;

2. Household garbage, liquid waste: waste water;

3. Gaseous: nitrogen, gases from gas burners, steam industrial.

Information about the land plot for the construction of the enterprise

Republic of Karakalpakstan mountains.  Nukus fez

 “Nukus Farm” 2.2 hectare

Existing infrastructure

Electricity, natural gas, plumbing

The required infrastructure


Upcoming construction and installation works

Main building, laboratory building

Design and estimate documentation


Power requirement (kWh), installed capacity (kWh or megawatt hour)

800 000 kW. per year

Demand for water (cub/m)

20 160 00 m3 per year

Gas demand (cu/m)

225 000 m3 per year

Market analysis, productions definition (works, services),marketing researches

Type of product

“Metrinidazole” (100 ml) solution for infusion

Annual production (ton. year)

2, 500, 000 bottles per year

Prospective markets sales and their shares:


70 % in second year


30 %

Costs of products

4, 500 soum

Demand for raw materials (per year)

2, 400 bottles

Market volume

3, 000 bottles

Expected market share

40 %

Main competitors


Main competitive advantage

Quality, reliability, price.

Main target groups of consumers

Ministry of Health, private sector

The structure of sales according to target groups of consumers

Health 60% – private sector 40%

Pricing strategy

Our goal is to maneuver in prices.

Cost structure of the final product

Local raw materials – 8,2% Imported raw materials – 91,8%

Availability of patents, licenses, certificates in accordance with the current legislation

License № У7872 (00207) of 04/13/2015

The presence of a formed database of potential customers with a confirmed willingness to purchase products

Ministry of Health care

Presence of marketing research

cost analysis of market opportunities, advertising

Presentation component of the project

The FEZ Nukus Farm exempts from paying a number of taxes, loan benefits

Additional information


Project risk

The allocation of funds to pay for high-class lawyers

Production technology and parameters of main equipment

Depends on the investor’s preferences

Type of equipment

Infusion Solution Production Line

Country of origin



50 bottles per minute (100 ml)


4, 200, 000 USD

Energy consumption

800, 000 kW/hour

Installed capacity

50 bottles per minute (100 ml)

Overall dimensions of the equipment

3000 mm 19,000 mm height 2000 mm

Weight of main equipment

6 tones

Node of main equipment (lines)


Number of working hours per year

324, 000 working hours

Duty cycle

1 month

Periodicity of the planned –warning repair (design and preparation works)

After 1 year

Number of people involved in the production process and their functions

140 work place


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