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Development of fisheries ecotourism in the “Aydar-Arnasay system of lakes” in Djizzakh region

Investment proposal

Name of the project

Growing fish by cage methods and development of
eco-tourism in the “Aydar-Arnasay system of lakes”, Arnasay district, Djizzakh region.

Main goals of project

Total growing and fish hunting in volume of 1100 tons per year. Among them, the installation of cages 200 pieces (6x6m) and organization of growing fish in cages in the amount of not less than 1000 tons per year. Fish hunting on 2 000 hectares from the adjacent territory in the amount of not less than 100 tons per year. Implementation of measures for the stocking of all 2 million pieces (50-100 grams), among them in installation of cages 1600 thousand pieces carp and 400 thousand pieces of carp family, silver carp and white Amur on 2 000 hectares of the territory according to the established norms.

Sphere /industry

Fisheries and eco-tourism

Implementation of schedule project

-Term of attraction of investments – 2019-year

Location of the project

Directorate of State unitary enterprise “Aydar-Arnasay system of lakes” Arnasay district, Djizzakh region

Information about participants of the project:

– initiator

Directorate of State unitary enterprise “Aydar-Arnasay system of lakes” Arnasay district, Djizzakh region

– co-executor (the lead sectorial of Ministry/authority/Department)

Directorate of State unitary enterprise “Aydar-Arnasay system of lakes, State tax Committee, Khokimyats of Djizzakh and Navoiy regions, management investment Djizzakh and Navoiy regions, as well as, Association of “Uzbekbaliqsanoat”

– creditor

Joint-stock commercial investment bank of “Ipoteka bank” branch of Djizzakh region

Total costs of project

20 000 mln sum, UZS

Prospective source of financing:

– own funds

20 000 mln sum, UZS

– credits


– the required volume of direct foreign investments

2 300 thousand dollars, USA

Composition of main costs

– the acquisition of fish planting material of 1 million pieces (50-100 g) – 2.5 billion sums;

– the acquisition of cage devices of 400 pieces- 10 billion sums (1 cage it costs on average 20 mln. sums);

– the acquisition of 2500 tons feed for fish, from them 1000 tons feed for growing fish in cages- 7.5 billion sums UZB (1 ton of fish – 2.5 tons of feed, the average cost of 1 ton -3 million UZB);

Predictable of profitability

Per year 15%

Predictable of payback period

5 years

Cash flows







Operating income (million UZB)






Operating expenses (million UZB)






Characteristics of the planned to production

Carp, grass carp, white silver carp, motley silver carp.

Capacity of project/productivity

1 000 ton

Contribution to the project by the initiator

·    Provision of land up to 500 meters from the edge of the reservoir;

·    Provision of a water area of 2,000 hectares;

·    Granting a license to fish hunting from the reservoir on the territory of 2 000 hectares;

·    Assistance in the implementation of the investment project.

Current status of project



Information about the initiator of the project

Full name of the enterprises

Directorate of SUE “Aydar-Arnasay system of lakes”

 Requisites, email, contacts

20210000200747545001; MFO 00122, Joint-stock commercial investment bank of “Ipoteka bank” branch of Djizzakh region, 130200, Djizzakh region, Arnasay district, st: Goliblar, STIR: 304 741 887.

Date foundation of enterprises

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 124 of 7 March 2017 “On organizational measures to ensure the rational use of biological resources of the Aydar-Arnasay lake of system”.

Statutory fund and

100 mln sums

Structure of founders and distribution of shares

 Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan


General information

Number and types of jobs created

Total jobs: 20 units, from them:

– Administrative and managerial staff: 2 singulars.

– Technician engineer: 2 singulars.

– Workers: 16 singulars.

Environmental impact statement (project EIS), which includes expected types and volumes of wastes, places of their utilization

Category b, plan a waste-free production

Information about the land plot for the construction of the enterprise


– pond area: 2 000 hectares

– land area 500 meters from the edge of the reservoir:

Existing infrastructure

– electric network
– water supply networks;
– available natural gas network;
– the Sewerage network is not available;
– roads are available;
– railway line distance

The required infrastructure

Mobile modern wagon for the workers

Upcoming construction and installation works

Creation of conditions for installation of cage devices and infrastructure for their service.

Design and estimate documentation

Stages: Development of design and estimate documentation.

Power requirement (kWh), installed capacity (kWh or megawatt hour)

7 000 kWh per year

Demand for water (cub/m)

For drinking needs 10 cub/m per year

Gas demand (cu/m)

Propane 50 cub/m per year

Market analysis, product description (works, services),
marketing research

Type of product

Carp, grass carp, white silver carp, motley silver carp, African catfish, processed fish and balanced and high protein of fish, carcass, minced meat, fillets, fish fry and larvae

Annual production (ton. year)







Live fish






balanced and high protein of fish






Prospective markets sales and their shares:


100 %


0 %

Coasts of products

22 billion sums UZB 

Demand for raw materials (per year)

2500 tons of feed per year

Provision of raw materials

Fully secured

Market volume

200 00 ton per year

Expected market share

0.25 % (4.5 billion sums UZB)


In Djizzakh region carry out their activities 224 fish farmers. 14,000 tons fish was hunted in 2018.

Main competitive advantage

Low cost, the presence of a large volume of undeveloped domestic market, the presence of existing production.

Main target groups of consumers

By geography: residences in the Djizzakh region

The structure of sales according to target groups of consumers


share, %

Djizzakh region

50 %


50 %

Pricing strategy

Implementation of the project in the first years with a low level of profit and its subsequent increase

Cost structure of the final product

– share of fish planting material and feed in the cost price – 57%

– cost share in relation to cost of sales – 74 %

Availability of patents, licenses, certificates in accordance with the current legislation

A certificate of conformity is required for the sale of commercial fish

The presence of a formed database of potential customers with a confirmed willingness to purchase products

Trade networks and dehkan markets

Presence of marketing research

There is a stable demand for commercial fresh fish and processed fish

Presentation component of the project

There are sketches, presentations, multimedia materials

Additional information

-Tax exemption –under the investment of 300 thousand to 3 million dollars USA. Tax exemption for 3 years: from $ 3 million to $ 5 million. USA – Tax exemption for 5 years; from 5 to 10 million dollars. USA – for 7 years; more than 10 mln – for 10 years with the application of the income tax rate for the next 5 years and the single tax payment is 50% lower than the current;

– In the period prior to November 1, 2021.

exempt from customs duties (except for customs clearance fees) equipment, tools, mechanisms and their spare parts, not produced in the Republic, necessary for breeding stock, fry incubation, laboratory and intensive methods. As well as, equipment for fishing, processing, freezing and storage of fish, providing alternative energy, special equipment for reclamation and vehicles for transportation of live fish:

feed and mineral fertilizers (ammophos) imported by foreign organizations and their subsidiaries, company stores, dealer network and business entities for the needs of fish farms.

Project risk

Fish diseases and epidemics

Production technology and parameters of main equipment

Type of equipment

Cage devices are 6×6 meters

Country of origin

Republic of Uzbekistan


2 tons of fish in 1 cage


1.                  Main equipment– 1 cage – 20 mln. sums

2.                  Transportation costs (including insurance) – determined

3.                  Installation of supervision is included in price

Energy consumption


Installed capacity


Overall size of equipment

Cage – Length/width/height – 6×4 meters

Weight of main equipment


Node of main equipment (lines)


Number of working hours per year


Duty cycle

March to October

Periodicity of the planned –warning repair (design and preparation works)

As necessary

Number of people involved in the production process and their functions


«Total: 20 peoples, from them

2 production managers

2 engineering and technical workers

16 workers

Ster- by-step, description of production technology

(Show schematically)

(Example stages)

  • growing commercial fish
  • Sales of commercial fish
  • Provision of services for ecotourism