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Investment offer
Project Presentation

Investment proposal

Name of the project

Rabbit cluster
Location of the project

Kibray district, Tashkent region, Zafarobod village, MFY May. There is 10 ha with a lease for 49 years. 8 hectares for growing feed. 2 ha for placement of the rabbit cluster.

Costs of the project       


525,000 US dollars

Contribution to the project by the initiator

There is a land plot and the production technology

Foreign direct investment required

525,000 US dollars

Other Project Financing source 

Average annual production capacity

Decorative rabbits – 300 pcs. Rabbit meat – 9600 kg. Compound feed – 144000 kg. Fertilizers – 54750 kg. Cat and dog food – 45000 packs. Dry blood – 480 kg. Made rabbit skins. – 25000 pcs. Made rabbit skins. Fuel briquettes from sawdust – 400,000 pcs. Skins produced won’t be sold as raw materials. Of them will be made products: fur coats, hats, UGGs, toys, insulated clothing.

Average annual sales income

At the stage of developing a feasibility study

Annual net profit

At the stage of developing a feasibility study

Existing infrastructure Water is required. There is electricity
Existing Area of the place

2 Hectares



Number and types of jobs created 44 job places