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Production of disposable medical syringes

Production of disposable medical syringes

Project name

Production of disposable medical syringes

Objective of the project

Production of disposable medical syringes 3 types (2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml)

Sphere / industry

Medical Products (Pharmaceuticals)
Project Schedule 2019-2020
Project location Kashkadarya region, Mirishkar region, Dzheynau town

Information about project participants:

Initiator Private trade and production enrterprise “IBN-SINO”
Collaborator (branch office)
The total cost of the project 2,000,0 thousand US dollars

Estimated sources of funding:

Own funds

600,0 thousand US dollars

Commercial bank loans
Foreign direct investment required

1,400.0 thousand US dollars

The composition of the main costs

1. Injection molding machine injection molding machine – 6 pieces

2. Printing machine (deposited scales) – 3pcs.

3. Crushers and mixers – 4 set

4. Assembly machine – 3 set

5. Packing machine – 3 set

6. Sterilization chamber – 1 set

7. Raw materials and materials

Projected profitability

500,000 pcs syringes per day, 150 million pcs per year

Repayment period,predictable payback period

One year for start-up equipment

From 5 to 6 years.

Cash flow Return on investment and investor share starts from the 2nd year2nd year – 380.0 thousand US dollars3rd year – 430.0 thousand US dollars4th year – 460.0 thousand US dollars5th year – 480.0 thousand US dollars6th year – 510.0 thousand US dollars TOTAL: 2260.0 thousand US dollars
Characteristics planned for production Casting polypropylene and polyethylene under pressure on injection molding machines, applying scale on printing machines, assemble all parts of syringes into an assembly machine, pack assembled syringes, secondary packaging, cardboard packaging, sterilize gas chamber with ethylene oxide for primary packaging, ventilate residual gases (degassing ), quarantine warehouse, finished goods warehouse
Design capacity / size

Power in den – 500.0 thousand units

2 ml – 125.0 thousand pieces

5ml – 275.0 thousand pieces

2 ml – 100.0 thousand pieces


Capacity per year – 150,000.0 thousand units

2ml – 37.500.0 thousand pieces

5ml – 82.500.0 thousand pieces

2 ml – 30,000.0 thousand pieces

Contribution to the project by the initiator

600,0 thousand US dollars

Current project status

The following were obtained and resolved:

1. State Comitte Nature and Ecology – Resolves

2. UzStandard – Received by GOST, ISO and GMP

3. Allocated – 1.5 hectares of land plot

4. Prepared – Design estimate documentation (by LLC “Marzhona Universal Fayz”

5. Developed – TEO project (used by “Alfa Garant” LLC

6. Contracts – with “Shanghai IVEN Pharmatech & Engineering Co.LTD” for the purchase of equipment, raw materials, components, materials, installation and training staff

Information about the initiator of the project

Full name of the company

Private trade and production company “IBN-SINO”

Details, address, contacts

S/C:   2020 8000 4037 7512 4001

MFI:  00699 TIN: 202,510,427

OKONH: 71212

BANK:   AC “Halq Bank” Mirishkar branch

Address:  Kashkadarya region, Mirishkar district, Dzheynau town


Director:    D.Yogmirov          91-471-3324;

Manager:   Yomgirov K.D      91-633-9119,

                    99-775-1991, 75-652-4324

Date of foundation of the enterprise 1998y
Statutory fund 300.0 thousand US dollars
Founders and distribution of shares Yogmirov Davlat Chulievich
Information about the founders

Full name Yogmirov Davlat Chulievich
Contact number 91-471-3324, 75-652-4324
Email Farmatsevt91@mail.ru
Contact the performer from the MIFT

Full name




Contact number




General information

Number and types of jobs created

Total number: 100 people

Workshop supervisor and shift: 4 people

Chemist analyst: 3 people

Technological engineer: 9 people

Mechanic and Electric: 9 pax

Printing and Assembly room: 12 people

Primary packaging: 24 pax

Experts OK gas: 6 people

Workers’ forgiveness: 9 people

Accountant, driver, cook, HR, logistics, PR manager, security guards: 12 people

Impact of the project on the environment (project EIS), including the expected types and volumes of waste, the place of their disposal 2,117 tons / year includingEthanoic acid – 0.909t / year, carbon oxide –0733t / year, white spirit – 0.265t / year, hydrocarbons – 0.125 t / year, butylacetate – 0.056 t / year, toluene – 0.021 t / year, polypropylene and polyethylene dust 0.005 ton / year and ethyl benzene 0.003 ton / year.
Information about the land for construction of the enterprise

The total area of 1.5 hectares, of which

1. Produced. building 0.30 ha

2. PPC, Office, accounting, Kitchen, dining and hotel staff 0.20 hectares

Existing infrastructure

1. Produced. building 0.30 ha

2. PPC, Office, accounting, Kitchen, dining and hotel staff 0.15 hectares

Required infrastructure Room for water purification, air-conditioning system, 3 pieces of water for storing technical and clean water
Upcoming construction works Beginning in May 2017, 90% of the work was completed as planned. Goes construction work
Design and estimate documentation According to the agreement with LLC “Marzhona Universal Fayz”
Electricity demand (kWh), Integrated power (kWh / s or mW / h) From 5 to 6 KW per hour
Water requirement (cubic meters per m) 10 cubic meter per day of which 70% is circulating
Gas demand (t / m) Not required
Market analysis, product description (works, services)marketing research

Types of products Disposable Medical Syringes
Annual finished production 150,000.0 thousand units
Estimated sales markets and their shares:
Interior Need – 1.5 – 1.6 billion units per yearProductivity – 500.0 thousand units per year (10%)
Export 15.0 million units per year – 10% of the total volume
Cost of production 2 ml – 200 soum, 5 ml – 225 soum, 10 ml – 305 soum
The need for raw materials (per year) Annual cost for raw materials – 580.0 thousand US dollars
Market volume 4.5 – 4.8 million units per day, from 1.600.0 – up to 1.750.0 units per year
Expected market share From 6.9 – up to 10%
Main competitors “Heathline” LLC JV, “UzKorea Medical” LLC, “Bagil New Technology” LLC, “Guliston Med technica” LLC
Key competitive advantages High-quality needles, stoppers and the highest qualification of personnel, chemical analyst
Key target consumer groups Wholesale and retail pharmacy set, hospital hospital pharmacy of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, veterinary pharmacies
Sales structure by target consumer groups  

Pricing strategy

2 ml – 200 soum, 5 ml – 225 soum, 10 ml – 305 soum

The cost structure of the final product



Cost price (sum)

Cost (sum)

Arrived (sum)

2 ml cc:




5 ml cc:




10 ml cc:




Availability of patents, licenses, certificates in accordance with current legislation

not yet

Availability of a formed base of potential customers with a confirmed willingness to purchase products

PE “Firuz Ishonch”,

PE “Aziz-M”,

PE “Darmon Farm”,

DP “Kashkadarya Dori-Darmon”

Accessibility marketing research Created feasibility study for marketing research by consulting’ company LLC “ALFA GARANT”
Presentation component of the project Prepared Russian and English versionAnd also developed a web site for PTPE “Ibn Sino” and will post full information on the production of disposable medical syringes and infusion systems. www.AviPharma.UZ
Additional Information


Project risks  
Production technologyand main technical parameters

Type of equipment

Injection molding machine, printing machines, assembly, packaging and OE sterilizer

Country of origin

People’s Republic of China


“Shanghai IVEN Pharmatech & Engineering Co.LTD”

Cost of

1.200.0 thousand US dollars

Power usage

3 phase. Separate TP for voltage 450 KW

Installed power

180,000.0 thousand pcs per year

Overall dimensions of the equipment

Total 13 PCS container size 40 Feet

Main equipment weight

18 tons * 6 pieces, 2.5 tons * 6 pieces5 tons * 1 each

Main equipment units (lines)

Injection molding machines, printing, assembly and packaging and sterilization

Number of working hours per year

7200 hours per year

Duty cycle

8 hours of three shifts, 25 working days per month, 300 working days per year

Frequency of scheduled preventive maintenance

Every 3-4 month

The number of people involved in the production process and their functions

85-90 people