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Poultry, livestock, fisheries, cotton processing

Investment proposal

Name of the project

production / poultry, livestock, fisheries, cotton processing /
Initiator Kushmatov Rovshan Normatovich
Location of the project

Rural areas throughout the republic (city)

Costs of the project     

$ 2 mln.

Contribution to the project by the initiator

$ 0,01 mln.

Foreign direct investment required

$ 2 mln.

Other Project Financing source 

soft loans

Average annual production capacity

$ 5 mln.

Average annual sales income

$ 1 mln.

Annual net profit

$ 0,5 mln.

Existing infrastructure

road, electric energy, water

natural gas

Existing Area of the place

By distribution



$ 3 mln.

Number and types of jobs created More then 2 000