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Creating a livestock complex

Investment offer
Investment proposal

The name of the project

A  livestock  complex, as  well as slaughter  and  sausages  workshops

Objective of the project


Feeding  of  big  and  small livestock  animals, production  of  meat  and  meat  products


Food  industry 
Project implementation  schedule 1 year
Project  location Republic  of  Uzbekistan,  Kashkadarya  region, Chirakchi  district

Information  about  the  project  participants:

Initiator «Botirov  Farrux»  SICHF
Additional  executor (industry  department) no
The  total  cost of  the  project 2 100 000 USD 

Estimated  sources  of  funding:

Own  funds

1 00 000 USD

Commercial  bank  loans JSC  Microcreditbank, Chirakchi  department
Required  foreign  direct  investment

2 100 000 USD

The  composition  of  the  main  costs

For  livestock  complex  construction —  200 000 USD 

For  slaughterhouse  workshop  – 1 100 000 USD

For  sausage  workshop  —  188 000  USD

For  equipment  purchase  — 1 088 000  USD  

For  other  expenses   —  2 00 000  USD

Projected  profitabillity


Repayment  period, projected  payback  period

5 years

Cash  flows 2020 – 600 000  USD2021 – 600 000  USD                                                                  2022 – 600 000  USD2023 – 600 000  USD2024 – 600 000  USD
Characteristics  of  the  intended  production Providing  the  population  with  a  wide  range  of  meat  and meat  products
The  project  capacity/size

Sausage  ware — 180  tons  to  one  a  year

Meat  and  meat   products — 365  tonsa  to  one  a  year

Contribution  to  the  project  by   the  initiator

Large  horn  livestock  animals  – 1 000 heads

Project  current  status

Not  done  yet   

Information about the initiator of the project

Full  name  of   the  enterprise 

Trade  and  manufacturing  firm  “Botirov  Farrux”  (SICHF) 

Details,  address, cotacts

Address — Kashkadarya  region, Chirakchi  district,  Choshtepa  street, 3-row, 17-house;      

The  name  of  bank — JSC  Microcreditbank, Chirakchi  department  MFI — 00175;

Address   bank —  Chirakchi  district,  Musta-qillik  street, 41;

Account  name — Botirov   Farrux  SICHF;

Account  number — 20208000604295106001;

Contact  telephones — +998 90 427-02-48, +998 91 210-98-27, home  number — +998 75 562-14-60,  fax — no

Date  of  foundation  of  the enterprise                            undation  of  the  2003  year
Statutory  fund 100 000 000  sum
Composition  of  founders  and  distribution  of  shares 1 human, 100%
Information about the founders

Full  name

Botirov  Zokirjon

Contact  number

+998 90 427-02-48,+998 91 210-98-27

Email  post


Contact of the performer from the MIFT

          Full  name

Мenishev  Damir


Deputy  head  of  Department

Contact  number

+998 97 144 00 45

Email  post


General information

Number  and  types of  jobs  created workplace for 30 people, performing various types of work


The impact of the project on the environment (the EIA project), including the expected types and volumes of waste, places for their disposal  the project does not harm the environment, the waste is removed by the relevant organizations on a contractual basis, there will be temporary places where special waste will be stored


Information  about  the land  plot  for  the  construction  of  the enterprise no information on the land plot for the construction of the enterprise


Exisiting  infrastructure

Not  done  yet  

Required  infrasructure Transport, hot  and cold water, electricity, heating equipment, lavatory, washing, kitchen, rest room, toilet, garbage storage

Upcoming  construction  work The  construction  for  bag  and  small  livestock  feeding  facility,  the  slaughterhouse, the  sausage  production  workshops
Project-estimate  documentation It  have
Electricity demand  (kw/h), integrated  power (kw/h  or  mw/h) 99  kw/h,  200 000  kw  per  year
Water requirement (cubic  metres  per m) 252 000 КB  meters  per  year
Gas  denand (t/m)
Market analysis, productions definition (works, services),marketing researches

Types  of  products Meat  products  and  sausages  products
Annual  finished  production Meat  production — 360 tons  per  yearSauasage  products — 180 tons  per year
 Estimated  sales  markets  and  their  shares:
Interior 100%  is  sold  Tashkent  city  and  Kashkadarya  region
Export It   is  expected  that  after  5 years  it  is  palnned  to sell  30%for  export
Production  cost Sausaage  products — 6$;Meat  products — 4.5$
The  need  for  raw  materials  (per  year) 540  tons  of  meat  and meat  products  per  year
Market  sixze 10 000 tons  per  year
Expected  market  share 540 tons  per  year
Main  conpetitors Butchers  and  other  sausages  enterprises
The  main  competitive  advantages Price  reduction  and  quality  improvement
The  main  target  groups  of  consumers population
Sales  structure  by  target  consumer droups Shops  and markets

Pricing  strategy

It  depend  to  market

The  cost  structure  of  the  final  production

The cost  is  formed  depending  on  the costs  and market  price

Availability of  patents, licenses, certificates  in  accordance  with  applicable  law

There is a license for wholesale and a certificate for managing livestock


The  presence of a  formed  base  of  potential  customers  with  a willingness to purchase  products

Available — markets, shops

Market research  accessbility Yes
Presentation  component of  the  project No
Additional  information

Equipments  of  veterinary  laboratory

Project  risks No
Production technology and parameters of main equipment

Type  of  equipment

Equipments for  slaughter and  sausage  workshops

Country  of  origin

Germany,  China  and  Russia


Meat  and  meat  products


For  the  equipments  of  the  slaughterhouse – 1 000 000  USDFor  equipments  of  a  sausage  workshop – 88 000  USDFor  construction  of  bag  and  small  livestock  animals – 30 000  USD

Energy  consumption

For  the  sausages  workshop — 49.20  kw/h;

For  the  slaughter  workshop — 37.50  kw/h;

For  the  livestock  complex — 12.3  kw/h

 Installed  capacity

9792  tons  per  year

Overall  dimensions  of  the  equipment

For  the  sausage  workshop  (7 pcs) — 1800*1500*1400 mm  in  each  size

For  the  slaughter  workshop  (60 pcs) — 9000*9000*9000  mm

Weight  of  main equipment

For  the sausage  workshop  (7 pcs) — 5472  kg

For  the  slaughter  workshop  (60 pcs) — 18  tons

Main  equipment  units  (lines)

For  sausage  workshop — meat  cutting  machine, meat  grinder mchine, vacuum meat  mixing  machine,  vacuum  sausage  filling  machine for  finished  sausage,  smoke house and refrigerator;

For  the  slaughterhouse workshop — a  livestock  box, stunning  equipment  (electric),  hoist  (1 t, 6 m load  capacity), span  tub,  steel bristle  rake, lifting  platform  (lifting  capacity  250 kg),  frame  for  heads, washing  with  sterilizer  10 knives, water  heater,  nutritional  table  with  scylosis, trolley VAT, container   for  collecting  blood,  saw  sawing  sternum, bath  2- nest,  technological  table, electric  saw  for  longitudinal  sawing, travel  scales  for  carcasses, transport  cart, tank  for  washing  solutions, scales  for  weighting  livestock  with  fencing  and  others

Number  of  working  hours  per  year

1920 hour / year

Duty  cycle

8 hour / day

The  frequency  of  scheduled  preventive  maintenance

1 year

The  number  of  people  involved  in  the  production  process  and   their  functions

30  people


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