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Construction of Spinning Mill

ID# 77

Investment proposal

Name of the project

Construction of  Spinning Mill
Initiator  “Zuhra Omad Fayz” LTD
Location of the project

Tashkent province, Tashkent region.

Costs of the project     

$10.280.000  mln.

Contribution to the project by the initiator

$3.980.000 (million)

Foreign direct investment required

$6.300.000 (million)

Other Project Financing source 

Average annual production capacity

$10 000 tons (production name)

Average annual sales income

$$9.350.000 (million)

Annual net profit

$$0.92 (million)

Existing and Required infrastructure

Gas , Electricity and water (exist)


Existing and Required Area of the place

3.2 Hectars (exist)


Required raw materials

Local cotton 10 tons per year


5000 (tons)


Number and types of jobs created 250 people