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«LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG»

Family enterprise LEMKEN is a leading international supplier of specialized products for professional crop production. The product range of the company includes a variety of high-performance equipment of excellent quality designed for tillage, planting and plant protection.

All activities of the company LEMKEN are focused around the development of innovative solutions. They are designed to help farmers feed the whole world. Today the field of agricultural engineering is an important component of Uzbekistan – Germany investment cooperation. Vivid confirmation of this is the production enterprises in Uzbekistan created with participation of a number of leading German companies.

In particular, one of the successful examples is the joint venture LEMKEN Chirchiq, established in December 2011 in accordance with the agreement reached between Chirchiqqishloqmash JSC and LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG (FRG).

In February 2012, the joint venture was commissioned. The company has launched production of modern agricultural equipment under the brand name “LEMKEN”.

Today, the mounted reversible plows EurOpal 73+1 N100, EurOpal 74+1 N100 and VariOpal 95+1 N100, Zirkon 8/250 rotary harrows, VarioPack 110 WDP 70 packers and Saphir 7/300-DS mechanical seed drills are manufactured at JV LEMKEN Chirchiq. Currently, the company is working intensively on expanding the range and volume of products.

Work is also underway on developing production of sheet, pipe, circular, stamping, assembled-welding and injection molded parts. Important partners in this direction are FE Elektroapparat-Elektroschit JSC, Foundry Mechanical Plant, Instrument LLC, Art Mechanic PE, Imex Group LLC, Ivna Service LLC and Rim Coloss LLC, and Suvsanoatmash JSC and JSC Aggregate Plant.

It should be emphasized that agriculture is the leading sector of the economy of Uzbekistan and plays a key role in ensuring socio-economic sustainability. In turn, development of this industry cannot be imagined without a modern fleet of agricultural machinery. In this regard, the production of agricultural machinery in Uzbekistan is of key importance, since the country has necessary resource potential and specialists-engineers for this. In general, the market of agricultural equipment of Uzbekistan is very promising.