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GP Papenburg AG

Cooperation with GP Papenburg AG (Germany).

The Committee is working on the issue of attracting foreign direct investment and creating a joint venture with GP Papenburg AG (Germany) for production of asphalt concrete mixture and other building materials within the framework of the resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of November 30, 2017. No. RP-3414.

In the future, by establishing the joint venture, it is planned to master production of asphalt mixing equipment of Teltomat brand and spare parts for them, as well as motor graders and other products for the road sector in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The total amount of investments in the joint venture that is being established is 5.7 million euros, including foreign direct investment – 4.0 million euros.

The parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding and a protocol for agreeing on the main provisions of the memorandum of association of the joint venture participants.