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for the position of

Chief specialist of Analytical Data Formation Department

at the Investment Promotion Agency under the Ministry of Investment, Industry and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Basic knowledge and qualification requirements for candidates:

  • Having a bachelor’s or master’s degree in economics, finance and law or other related fields;
  • Work experience – at least 1-3 years in relevant fields;
  • Knowledge of foreign languages: Uzbek – fluent, Russian – fluent, English – fluent;
  • Having knowledge of laws and regulatory documents related to business and investment activities;
  • Having the ability and skills to analyze;
  • Monitoring and systematic coordination of ongoing works;
  • The experience of working in international organizations and analysis centers is preferred;
  • Ability to work in Microsoft Office and Power Point programs.


The main tasks of the chief specialist:

In his activities, the Chief Specialist:

  • participates in the preparation and holding of visits, meetings, negotiations, as well as other events with the participation of Agency employees;
  • organizes investment events and business forums in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and assists in their organization abroad, prepares relevant distribution materials; In cooperation with the departments of the Agency, formulates proposals for holding large-scale events with the participation of Agency representatives;
  • executes the orders of the head of the department arising from the tasks assigned to the department.



The main tasks of the department:

  • analysis, collection and processing of information about the investment attractiveness and business environment of the Republic of Uzbekistan, its sectors and regions;
  • analysis of the regulatory legal framework affecting investment activities, protection of investors’ rights, including mechanisms of mutual cooperation in industries, regions and spheres of activity, and benefits and preferences provided to foreign investors, as well as other documents;
  • to organize a system of collecting, analyzing and summarizing information on the problems faced by foreign investors in conducting activities in the territory of the republic, and on this basis to develop proposals for increasing the efficiency of the organization of investment activities;
  • to participate in the preparation of proposals for improving the legislation in the field of attracting foreign investments, as well as further support and protection of the rights and legal interests of foreign investors;
  • participation in the preparation of statistical and analytical data on the state of attraction and development of foreign investments;
  • conducting a comparative analysis of the investment environment in foreign countries and developing proposals for improving the investment environment in the republic;
  • conducting surveys among foreign investors and other representatives of foreign countries on the state of the business environment and investment environment in the republic, studying the international experience of increasing the country’s investment attractiveness, commenting on the investment strategy on this basis and preparation of recommendations;
  • to determine the trends of changes in the country’s investment attractiveness;
  • analysis and generalization of factors affecting the development of industries, regions, including the volume of foreign investments.

Salary: According to the result of the interview.


Contact information:

  • E-mail: uzipa@invest.gov.uz ;
  • (71) 202-02-11 – Human resources development and management department.