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The Economist recognized Uzbekistan as the country of the year

The weekly Economist magazine recognized Uzbekistan as thе country of the year.

According to the British magazine The Economist, Uzbekistan has become the country of the year.

This year the competition was difficult, and the democratic progress achieved throughout the country does not guarantee its continuation in the future, the article says.

Three years ago, the “armies” of men, women and children were forced to work in cotton fields, and the country itself was “a closed society without harshness and lack of competence”.

Since the resignation of the head of the State Security Service in 2018, a number of reforms have been carried out in the country.

“The government basically stopped forced labor. The prison, known as Mudhish, was closed. Foreign journalists are allowed into the country. Officials were banned from developing their own business. Foreign technocrats are invited to build a state-owned economy, ”The Economist said.