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Navoi region

Portrait of the region


958,0 thousand people

Population density

8,6 person/km2


It borders with Kazakhstan, Jizzakh, Samarkand and Bukhara regions, as well as with the Republic of Karakalpakstan. The area of the region is 110.99 km², the height is 126 m, the time zone is UTS + 5

Largest cities

Navoi, Zarafshan, Karmana, Kiziltepa, Nurota, Uchkuduk


Natural area

Desert, steppe

Water resources

Aydarkul Lake, Zarafshan River, Tudakul reservoir, Amu-Bukhoro canal

Investment potential of the region

Economy of the region

Dynamics of GRP (bn.UZS)
GRP by industry
GRP per capita
Investments in fixed assets (bn UZS)
Investments per capita

Natural and climatic conditions

Average annual rainfall

17,8 mm



Average population density by districts

Employment of the population



Composition of the population (thousand people)

The educational level of economically active population (thousand people)

Average monthly wage by industry (thousand UZS)

Employment of the population by industry (thousand people)

Dynamics of the population (thousand people)


Transport infrustructure

Roads (length km.)

Highways – 4.1 thousand km, of which 3.3 thousand km with hard surface
Navoi city – Tashkent city – 450 km.


Railway (length km)

The length of railways is 390.7 km
The railway lines Tashkent – Turkmenistan, Tashkent – Uchkuduk pass through the region.
Navoi – Tashkent – 400 km.

Air (flight directions)

Navoi -Tashkent
Korea cargo transportation
Navoi -Zaragoza
Navoi -Seoul
Navoi -Vienna
Navoi -Shanghai
Milan – Navoi
Hanoi – Navoi

Communal infrustructure

Cold water supply for the population (m3) 225 UZS, for budgetary organizations (m3) 530 UZS, for other wholesale consumers (m3) 930 UZS. Hot water supply for the population (m3) 2563 UZS
Population and towns for 1 kW-hour 204.30
For the population (Gcal) 46600 UZS, for other wholesale consumers (Gcal) 98000 UZS
Gas released to the population in the presence of gas meters (10 m3) 2634 UZS, Gas released to the population in the absence of gas meters (10 m3) 4555.90 UZS

Specialization of the region

Industry Volume(bn.UZS)

Industry Volume (bn.UZS)

Agriculture (bn.UZS)

Export and import