Visit to Italy: Achieving Profitable Agreements

These days, the delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, headed by the first deputy chairman of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis S. Safoev, is on an official visit to Italy. The delegation also includes the Executive Director of the Center for Development Strategy, the deputy of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis Eldor Tulyakov and the deputy director of the Investment Promotion Agency Oybek Elmuratov.

Within the framework of the visit, November 19-21, this year, representatives of the business community of Uzbekistan negotiated with officials from several Italian companies. They are aimed at reaching important agreements, including a detailed acquaintance of Italians with the updates taking place in our country in all areas, the enormous opportunities and potential of our state.

Initially, members of the delegation discussed opportunities for cooperation with Publicis Groupe. It is known that this company, with more than 78,000 employees in 110 countries, is the fourth in the world in terms of advertising and communication services, and the first in the European market.

Welcoming the guests in his office, the President of the company, Mr. Angelo Biaocchi, praised the results of the new economic reforms carried out in Uzbekistan over the past three years, and recognized that the restoration of the ancient Great Silk Road in Uzbekistan, strengthening the legal framework for attracting investments At the legislative level, an open and transparent foreign policy attracts the attention of major investors from around the world.

Mr. Angelo Biacci also emphasized the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Uzbekistan, which occupies a special place in world civilization. He proposed to carry out in this direction a large-scale propaganda work (rebranding) in Western countries and Asia. In particular, it was noted that the Publicis Group company was ready to provide all kinds of support in constantly informing the world community about the changes taking place in Uzbekistan today, in cooperation with leading world media and large media structures in creating a positive image and increasing the country’s authority.

The next meeting was held by the delegation with the founder and managing company of In3act, Mr. David Roncaloni.

This strategic consulting company was founded in 2004. She was recognized as a reliable partner in Europe, Russia and China, which adapts to the business with innovative thinking, a pragmatic approach and practical help to solve problems on the development path, and offers “specialized” solutions.

During the discussions, the parties exchanged views on further strengthening food security in Uzbekistan, the consistent development of agricultural production, expanding the production of environmentally friendly products, and increasing the export potential of the agricultural sector.

Mr. David Roncaloni expressed a desire to promote certification and export of fruits, vegetables and food products grown in Uzbekistan, and to cooperate in the implementation of a laboratory system of complex stages that confirm the “purity” of products from banned chemical and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). At the same time, it was noted that it is beneficial for both parties to import modern technologies for processing household waste into Uzbekistan, and to establish natural gas production with their help.

Following the results of the negotiations, the parties agreed to develop a “Road Map” for establishing and developing mutual cooperation and mobilize all their forces and capabilities to achieve the agreed goals.