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With the support of the French company Rungis Semmaris, agrological centers will be created in eight regions of Uzbekistan

In the first decade of December, a framework agreement was signed between the Ministry of Agriculture of Uzbekistan and the French company Rungis Semmaris (Rangis Sammaris) online with the support of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in France and the Embassy of France in Uzbekistan.

Thanks to the participation of the French company Rungis Semmaris, the Ministry of Agriculture plans to implement, in accordance with high international standards, projects to create and manage in Uzbekistan – and Central Asia – a network of eight large agricultural centers.

All these huge agricultural logistics centers will be built on the outskirts of large cities. Their total area will be about 200 hectares with a total capacity of over 3 million tons per year. The largest Tashkent agrological center will occupy an area of 70-100 hectares, and the most compact will be Khorezm, but its size of 10 hectares will also be impressive in scale.

The main goal of the agricultural centers is to develop the country’s export potential, to bring the entire process of preparing agricultural products to enter foreign markets to the international level.

All the necessary facilities will be concentrated within each separate agrological center: cross-docks, trade pavilions, hotels, representative offices of banks, trade enterprises and agricultural companies; as well as services: sorting, sizing, drying, processing, storage, transportation, delivery, customs clearance, quarantine, food safety certification, specialist marketing advice and much more.

According to preliminary calculations, about 10 thousand new jobs will be created on the basis of eight agrological centers.

The assistance that Rungis Semmaris will provide in the construction of modern agrological centers in Uzbekistan will open up new opportunities, directions and even new professional directions in the agricultural sector.

Rungis Semmaris owns the world’s largest food and logistics center in the suburbs of Paris with an annual turnover of € 9 billion and has excellence in building and organizing efficient wholesale food markets around the world.