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What will change from February 1 ?

The norma.uz portal provides an overview of the main changes in national legislation that will enter into force on February 1, 2021.

Salaries of budgetary workers and scholarships. New minimum wages, BСV and the amount of benefits.

The salaries of employees of budgetary institutions and organizations and scholarships were increased by 1.1 times;

new dimensions are set:

Minimum wage – 747,300 soums;

BСV – 245,000 soums;

New excise stamps and tax rates

Old samples of excise stamps for alcohol and tobacco products will be considered invalid, the goods marked with them will be withdrawn from the wholesale and retail network;

• new tax rates come into effect on:

• some types of tobacco products;

• alcoholic beverages;

• some types of oil products.

Judicial system

The exams for the selection of candidates for appointment for the first time as a judge will be covered online.

Development and implementation began:

an electronic program that assists in assessing the suitability of the profession of candidates for the position of a judge and judges based on their psychological profile;

specific criteria that provide an open and transparent assessment of the performance of judges through an electronic rating. These measures were taken to ensure openness and transparency of the activities of the High Judicial Council and the judicial system.

Control over the export of silk

The Regulation on the procedure for monitoring the export of silk waste and raw silk through the customs border of Uzbekistan comes into force. Now, when exporting goods under the TN VED-5002, 5003 code, exporters must submit to the Uzbekipaksanoat Association copies of export contracts, price calculations, a copy of a payment document confirming payment of customs duty in the amount of $ 0.05 for each kilogram of exported goods.

Business support

Part of the interest rate on loans allocated to finance the costs of farms and other agricultural organizations that grow certified seeds of vegetables, melons, legumes and oilseeds, seedlings of fruit trees and vineyards is compensated. Compensation is subject to a part of the interest rate that exceeds the basic rate of the Central Bank, but no more than 10 percentage points, as well as up to 30% of the part of the interest rate on loans issued in foreign currency, but no more than 3 percentage points;

the main rate of the Central Bank remained at the level of 14% per annum;

pre-export financing of organizations – exporters is carried out at the expense of the Export Support Fund under the Export Promotion Agency. At the same time, in 2021 for organizations – exporters for the purchase of raw materials and the production of export-oriented products from the fund, $ 100 million is provided.