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What problems do businesses worry about – MIFT

Almost 7,000 requests were received from entrepreneurs for an open dialogue with the president. Most of them are related to the problems of financing, credit and subsidies, as well as the tax system and land allocation.

As of August 1, entrepreneurs sent 6916 appeals for an open dialogue with the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade.

In particular, 6344 (91.7%) statements represent individual business issues, and 554 (8.3%) concern systemic issues. In 2021, the share of personal problems accounted for 86% of the total number of requests.

Financing, lending and subsidies remain the most urgent problem for entrepreneurs – the headquarters received 2119 (30.6%) applications on this issue. Next come the appeals related to the tax system (755/10.9%) and the allocation of land (707/10.2%).

Businesses also filed 260 applications regarding engineering and communication infrastructure, 159 – corruption and bureaucratic obstacles, 90 – allocation of buildings and privatization, 90 – activities of government agencies and their intervention in the economy, 87 – ideas to start a business, 85 – trade, including tariff and non-tariff customs obstacles.

In addition, the republican headquarters received 73 appeals for the protection of private property, 66 for benefits and preferences, 57 for the construction sector, 51 for issuing permits and licenses, and certification, 24 for the activities of the stock exchange, and 10 for public procurement.

Last year, about 42% of requests were for interest rates and short-term loans, and 21% for access to land and buildings.

In the context of regions, Tashkent is the leader in terms of the number of applications received – 613 (8.9%). Next come Surkhandarya (605), Kashkadarya (580), Namangan (571), Samarkand (558) and other regions.

Entrepreneurs could submit problems and suggestions for their activities by July 31st. The second open dialogue with the head of state is scheduled for August 20.


Source: www.gazeta.uz