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Uzbekistan’s GDP per capita will be US$2,100 in 2022

In 2022, Uzbekistan’s GDP per capita will amount to US$2,100, according to the conclusion of the Accounts Chamber on the State Budget for 2022. In 2022, Uzbekistan’s GDP per capita will be US$2,100.

In Uzbekistan, according to the submitted budget for 2022, the gross domestic product (GDP) will amount to US$74.2 billion or US$2,100 per capita.

In accordance with the Budget Code, the Accounts Chamber conducted an examination of the draft Law “On the State Budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2022” and an analysis of the Budget Message for 2022.

According to the submitted budget, GDP in 2022 is expected to reach 839.99 trillion soums or US$74.2 billion with per capita income of 23.8 million soums or US$2,100.

In 2022, the real growth rate of the economy is projected at 5.9%.

The added value in the projected gross domestic product amounted to 778.15 trillion soums (92.6% of GDP), and net tax receipts from products and export-import operations amounted to 61.86 trillion soums (7.4%).

In the sectoral breakdown, the largest share of value-added (35.8%) falls on the service sector, and the volume of added value created in this sector is planned in the amount of 300.35 trillion soums.

In industry, this indicator amounted to 217.68 trillion soums (25.9%), in construction – 52.51 trillion soums (6.3%), in agriculture, forestry and fisheries – 207.6 trillion soums (24.7%).

The expected real growth was 8.1% in construction, 7.0% in industry, 6.5% in services, 3.1% in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.

The main part of the proposals and recommendations made by the Accounts Chamber were reflected in the Draft.