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The outline of further steps for the development of industrial and agricultural cooperation between Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan

In Tashkent, on the territory of the industrial complex “Technopark”, as part of the visit of the governmental delegation of Turkmenistan, an exhibition of the agricultural and industrial potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan was organized.

Members of the delegation visited the stands of the chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, electrical, textile, sericulture, leather, and footwear industries of Uzbekistan. Stands were also demonstrated in various areas of agriculture: horticulture, greenhouses, seed production, potato farming, poultry farming, fish farming, and animal husbandry. In addition, the head of the Turkmen delegation got acquainted in detail with the industrial capacities of the Technopark production complex, focused on the production of a wide range of products in demand.

The Turkmen side was also informed about the measures taken in Uzbekistan as part of stimulating the development of economic sectors. Practical measures were discussed to intensify industrial cooperation between the enterprises of the two countries, as well as the exchange of experience and technologies in promising areas.