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The first branch of the National Industrial Holding was created in Uzbekistan

On January 29 of this year, the opening ceremony of the first branch of National Industrial Holding LLC (NIH) in the Fergana region took place in Fergana. The event was organized by the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade with the support of the Khokimiyat of the Fergana region.

The ceremony was attended by the leadership of the Direct Investment Fund (JSC UzDIF) under the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade, Khokim of the Fergana region H. Bozorov, representatives of the regional division of the Ministry, employees of the Fund, local entrepreneurs and media representatives.

During the event, a presentation was made, revealing the key aspects of the activities of the Direct Investment Fund, as well as the goals, objectives and principles of the functioning of the NIH being created.

The aim of the project is to co-finance projects in the regions of the country in order to stimulate entrepreneurship, develop industry and strengthen cooperation ties between domestic producers. This initiative is one of the components of a new system for stimulating investment and foreign trade activities, which is being actively implemented by the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade.

The NIH will help support small and medium-sized businesses by attracting direct investment and creating modern industrial zones – ready-made areas with the necessary industrial and commercial infrastructure and production facilities for the subsequent implementation of industrial projects by entrepreneurs.

The concept implies the acquisition of land plots with the subsequent construction of industrial zones and technology parks on them, corresponding to industry specialization based on the potential and needs of the region, which will be determined jointly with the regional divisions of the Ministry, the Agency for Strategic Development of Uzbekistan and regional project groups, also created under the aforementioned new system .

In the future, industrial estates may become attractive to foreign investors as an integral low-risk commercial real estate asset that generates regular returns.

The NIH will organize the development of the concept of industrial zones together with international experts, coordinate the design and construction of adjacent infrastructure, buildings and structures necessary to accommodate entrepreneurs’ projects on the basis of competitive procedures. Thus, a significant part of investments in the projects of regional entrepreneurs will be covered by the NIH.

In general, the initiative is designed to help increase regional domestic product, increase industrial potential, create new jobs, unite entrepreneurs and consolidate capital, strengthen technological capacity and increase budget revenues.