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The chemical industry will face a massive transformation

The Decree of the President dated to 13.02.2021 No. PP-4992 “On measures for further reforming and financial recovery of chemical industry enterprises, development of the production of chemical products with high added value” was adopted.

From 2021, the Open Partnership Program for the creation of technological clusters in the chemical and gas chemical industry (hereinafter – the Program) is being implemented.

It refers to the attraction of private and foreign investors and technology partners in the creation of new production facilities. It includes the following technology clusters:

•production and adjacent territories of JSC Navoiazot, LLC Kungrad Soda Plant, Ustyurt and Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex, a plant for the production of synthetic liquid fuel;

•after completion of the transformation and privatization procedures, the production and adjacent territories of Ferganaazot JSC and the Fergana refinery.

The following are approved:

The list of investment projects included in the Investment Program for 2021-2023, the implementation period of which is subject to acceleration;

The list of investment projects aimed at diversifying production at chemical industry enterprises in 2021-2025, organizing the production of new types of chemical products with high added value through the effective use of the existing raw material base and the “Road map” for its implementation;

By November, 2021, The Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Finance, Uzkimyosanoat JSC, together with interested ministries and departments must submit targeted Program for the strategic development of the chemical and gas chemical industry until 2035 to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The Ministries and departments who are interested in it were instructed to ensure the preparation and conduct of an open tender for the selection of potential investors and partners for the implementation of projects included in the Program, as well as to make proposals for new projects placed under the Program, by November 1 annually.