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Tasks for increasing investments and exports, saturating the food market have been defined

On March 7, under the chairmanship of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a videoconference was held at which the progress of the government’s implementation of measures to achieve the targets set for the current year for the socio-economic development of industries and regions was discussed.

It was noted that in January-February of this year, 687 million dollars of foreign investment was disbursed, including 615 million dollars of foreign direct investment and loans. Since the beginning of the year, production facilities have been commissioned for 506 projects worth $337 million, which ensured the creation of over 7,000 new jobs. 

For 2 months, the volume of exports of goods and services exceeded $1.7 billion and increased by 20 percent compared to the same period in 2021. In particular, the export of building materials produced by domestic enterprises increased almost 2 times, electrical products – 1.5 times, textiles and fruits and vegetables – 1.3 times.

At the meeting, the heads of industries and regions were instructed to promptly resolve logistical issues in the implementation of investment projects and export deliveries.

Separately, the head of state dwelled on the issues of ensuring price stability in the domestic consumer market.

It was noted that for 2 months of the current year, the inflation rate amounted to 1.38 percent, which is lower than in the same period of 2021 (1.7 percent).

At the same time, sharp price fluctuations in global markets require that the heads of responsible departments and regions of the country take additional measures to prevent sharp price changes in the domestic market, primarily by saturating the food market with goods in the required volumes.

The President gave a critical assessment of the work carried out by the leaders of the regions to allocate an additional 80,000 hectares of land to the population for the development of household plots and the cultivation of agricultural products in demand on the domestic market.

Specific instructions were also given to improve the efficiency of allocated public funds in the amount of 2 trillion soums for the development of horticulture and accelerate the development of these funds.

The heads of the regions were instructed to take measures to ensure the uninterrupted supply of products to food markets and to form the necessary reserves for this purpose. 



Source: president.uz