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Socio-economic development of Uzbekistan in the focus of media attention in France

The French online newspaper “Le Club de Mediapart” published an article, “Socio-economic development of Uzbekistan thanks to deep reforms”.

“Since 2016, Uzbekistan has been implementing reforms towards modernization and democratization,” the article says. – Like many countries, it must go through the growth of its economy and reforms aimed at sustainable development. Following a slowdown in activity in the country during the pandemic, as in the rest of the world, Uzbekistan’s GDP increased to $80 billion. The state plays an important role not only in the decentralization of the economy but also in supporting the private sector.”

The publication emphasizes that at least $8 billion of direct investment has been attracted for these purposes, and exports have reached the threshold of $19 billion.

As the newspaper writes, the modernization of the economy is taking place from a macroeconomic point of view by increasing the national income, as well as from a social point of view of the grid – wages, pensions and social benefits. Almost 300 thousand houses have been built in the country, which is ten times more than in previous years. Uzbekistan also supported 2 million low-income families; in 2017, this figure was only 500 thousand. The allocations allocated for this period increased seven times, and this year they reached 11 billion soums.

“The coming year has already been declared in the country as the Year of Human Care and Quality Education,” concludes Le Club de Mediapart.


Source: dunyo.info