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The duty for a business registration certificate will be reduced by 5 times

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decree on introducing amendments to a number of documents aimed at expanding the access of the population and business to public services. The document is available in the Lex.uz database.

According to the amendments, the registration of a business entity will become cheaper. If earlier the fee upon receipt of a registration certificate was 1 BRV (270,000 soums), now it is 20% of BRV (54,000 soums) .

When filing an application through the Single E-Services Portal, the fee will be reduced by 10% – up to 48,600 soums.

In addition, if the re-registration is refused, the entrepreneur is entitled to re-send the application within 5 working days without paying the state duty.

The registration of legal consulting firms is simplified. The judicial authorities should consider the documents on consultants provided by the registered firm in one day instead of three.

It will become easier to obtain a license to practice law – the application will be considered within 10 working days (now 20), issuing a duplicate license will take 2 working days (now 3).

The requirement for the provision of services to provide a paper receipt for payment of state fees is canceled. In addition, when receiving a number of services, they will no longer require a copy of the certificate of registration of a legal entity.

In a number of regulations for the provision of public services, a rule has also been added, according to which persons with disabilities, as well as those registered in the register of social protection, pay state duties and fees with a 50% discount.