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Purchasing products from one country and reselling it directly to another without import can now be done

The Government adopted a resolution on additional measures, to further simplify, customs administration and procedures.”

  • according to the decree, from August 1, 2021:
  • processing operations are allowed even in the absence of a foreign customer at the request of the customs regime;
  • new types of foreign trade contracts for export, import, sale and purchase are being introduced, allowing an entrepreneur to purchase raw materials from abroad and sell it to any foreign partner after processing it on the territory of the republic without paying customs payments;
  • domestic exporting organizations are allowed to buy products from abroad and sell them directly to a third country without imports;
  • a procedure will be introduced to ensure that the supply contract is linked to the export contract and the purchase contract is linked to the sales contract.

The resolution introduced amendments and additions to the Regulation on the procedure for monitoring and control over the implementation of foreign trade operations.

In accordance with this, as indicated in foreign trade contracts and invoices that the payment currency is established by agreement of the parties (previously it was in foreign currency).


✓ Also added 2-digit contracts that represent foreign trade operations.

➖ 16-contract for import;

➖ 17-contract for export;

➖ 18-purchase contract;

➖ 19-contract for sale