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Draft State Program 2019 is submitted for public discussion

The Draft State Program “Year of Active Investments and Social Development” is submitted for public discussion.
The Draft State Program for 2019, which includes 253 paragraphs, reflects the mechanisms for implementing the ideas and tasks identified by the President of Uzbekistan in the Address to the Oliy Majlis on December 28, 2018, as well as the tasks outlined in the Action Strategy for five priority areas of development of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021.
Anyone can become acquainted with the draft document on the website 2019.strategy.uz, specially launched by the Development Strategy Center or on the portal of impact assessment system of legislation and leave their suggestions and comments.
According to the Development Strategy Center, roundtables, discussions and press conferences with participation of foreign and local experts, specialists of relevant ministries and agencies, representatives of business circles and other civil society institutions are planned to be held within the framework of public discussions.
According to the results of the received opinions and proposals from representatives of the general public and experts, the Draft State Program will be finalized and only after that will be adopted.
Public discussions of the Draft State Program “Year of Active Investments and Social Development” will last until January 15, 2019.