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Prices for liquefied gas, cement and sugar decreased at the Uzbek Republican Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange

According to UZEX, commodities for nearly 2.5 trillion soums were sold at all stock exchange platforms.

Over the past week, that is, for the period from February 21-27, goods worth 2,495.3 billion soums were sold on all trading platforms of the Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange JSC, which is 10.5% more than in the previous week Of these, 88.3% of sales came from exchange auctions, 0.5% from the exhibition and fair sales, 10.9% from government purchases, and 0.3% from online auctions of license plates.

The total volume of transactions involving small businesses and private entrepreneurship amounted to 731.5 billion soums. As a result of electronic auctions for public procurement, the total savings of budgetary and corporate customers amounted to 45.4 billion soums.

During the period under review, 3,526 license plates were sold in the amount of 8.7 billion soums through an online auction. As a result of competitive bidding, 5.2% of completed transactions were for premium autonumbers; 7.7% of transactions for the 2nd category; 8.8% for the 3rd category; 11.8% for the 4th category; 23.3% for the 5th category; as well as 43.3% for the 6th category of license plates.

Exchange trading
During the reporting period, commodity resources worth 2,203.8 billion soums were sold at open exchange auctions. Selling enterprises put goods up for exchange auctions in accordance with approved schedules, including:

A drop in prices was recorded on the sugar exchange market. During the past week, 7,855.0 tons of sugar were sold.

During the period under review, the daily average price for sugar of all categories decreased from 8,308.5 thousand soums to 8,264.5 thousand soums per ton.

Last week, 207.9 thousand tons of cement were put up for sale, of which 135.4 thousand tons, or 65.2%, were sold. The daily volume of cement sales averaged 27.1 thousand tons.

During the period under review, the daily average price for cement of all grades decreased from 572.9 thousand soums to 556.8 thousand soums per ton, or by 2.8%. Every day, an average of 310 buyers took part in the exchange auctions.

Liquefied gas
On the exchange market of liquefied natural gas, a decrease in prices was recorded. During the past week, 4,411.0 tons of liquefied gas were put up for sale, of which all 100.0% were sold.

During the period under review, the daily average price for liquefied gas decreased from 3,774.0 thousand soums to 3,730.5 thousand soums per ton, or by 1.2%.

As a result of exchange trading, the weekly weighted average price for liquefied gas amounted to 3,809.4 thousand soums per ton.


Source: review.uz