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Potential for increasing the localization of industrial products is being explored

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan S. Umurzakov in the format of a video conference held a meeting with the heads of industry associations, state industrial enterprises and holding companies to discuss issues of stimulating intra- and inter-industry cooperation and localization of industrial production. The videoconference was also attended by the leadership of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

During the meeting, heads of industries and state-owned enterprises made presentations on the work carried out to study the structure of imports in a particular industry, developed projects aimed at replacing imports of certain types of products by establishing cooperation with local manufacturers and creating new high-tech industries.

The measures taken for import substitution in certain industries and enterprises were critically examined – it was pointed out the need for a deeper analysis of the supply in the domestic market in order to find additional opportunities for establishing partnerships with local producers. Separate instructions were given to finalize the submitted projects in order to increase the level of localization of production and reduce dependence on imports.

They also noted the importance of studying the degree of utilization of existing production facilities and searching for unused reserves to increase the volume of production in demand by domestic industrial enterprises. At the same time, the relevance of both mastering the production of new types of goods and expanding the production of already localized products at existing facilities was emphasized.

Responsible managers were instructed to step up work to remove barriers to the development of intra- and inter-sectoral cooperation, accelerate the introduction of advanced technologies and technical standards, taking into account the competitive advantages of foreign manufacturers.

As a result of the meeting, it was instructed to develop, within each industry, new import-substituting investment projects aimed at building sustainable value chains based on domestic enterprises and increasing the country’s industrial potential.