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Online conference on promoting cooperation between China and Central Asia

On January 31 of this year, an online conference was held to promote cooperation between China and Central Asia, in which took part O. Elmuratov, Deputy Director of Investment Promotion Agency under the Ministry of Investment, Industry and Trade.

During the video conference, the Deputy Director of the Agency, made a speech about the activities and functions of the Agency, in particular informing foreign investors about investment opportunities, the current socio-economic development of the country and ongoing reforms, assistance in establishing connections between foreign investors, government authorities and local partners, assistance in obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, in identifying suitable land plots and real estate for the implementation of investment projects.

At the same time, representatives of Chinese companies were informed about the latest key reforms to improve the investment climate, the goals of the Uzbekistan-2030 strategy dedicated to stimulating investment activity, benefits, preferences and conditions for foreign investors created in the country, and also answered such questions such as the use of land for projects with foreign investment, the acquisition of real estate in Uzbekistan for foreign investors, the creation of SEZs and benefits, the protection of the rights and interests of investors, investing in yuan and long-term residence in Uzbekistan, returning profits from investments in China and exchange control.

At the end of the speech, the prospects for cooperation between China and Central Asia, in particular with Uzbekistan, in the field of investment and economic development were emphasized.