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On the position of Uzbekistan in various ratings in the field of tourism

The progressive development of the entire tourism sector of the country as a whole has allowed Uzbekistan to be included in various international ratings regarding tourism with high rates. In particular, over the past year Uzbekistan has been recognized by about 10 authoritative publications, including The New York Times (USA), The Guardian (Great Britain), rating companies and portals (CrescentRating, Wegoplace) and others, the most popular and most visited tourist country).

At the beginning of this year, the UN World Tourism Organization marked Uzbekistan as the country with the fastest growing tourism industry. The republic took the fourth place, having surpassed such countries as South Korea, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan in the ranking. It should be noted that improving the statistics of the tourism sector allowed the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2018 for the first time to enter the annual statistical compilation of the World Tourism Organization “Compendium of Tourism Statistics 2013-2017”.

For reference: Compendium of Tourism Statistics is an annually updated database of the main statistical indicators of the tourism sector in more than 200 countries. It serves as a source for the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC), the World Bank and other international organizations when compiling the tourism rating of the countries of the world.