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Negotiations were held with the Dutch company “BOM Group”, specializing in the construction of innovative greenhouses

At the initiative of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Benelux countries on August 14, online negotiations were organized with representatives of the Dutch company “BOM Group”, who are designing innovative greenhouses. The negotiations wereheld with the participation of specialists from the Investment Promotion Agency and representatives of the khokimiyat of the Kashkadarya region.

 The purpose of the meeting was to discuss cooperation in the exchange of experience, technologies and knowledge for the development of projects in the field of horticulture and vegetable growing. The foreign side noted that “BOM Group” offers cost-effective projects that meet the current and future needs of the population. For a more detailed acquaintance with the activities of the company, Rob de Vito, a specialist of the BOM Group, prepared and presented a presentation in which new approaches to the rational use of water and energy resources in the construction and operation of greenhouse projects were presented, which is the main concept of the company.  

Ultra-Clima technology will ensure increased yields of vegetables and fruits, meet safety requirements and consume a minimum amount of energy and water resources. These greenhouses will maintain a microclimate at any time. Energy savings will be achieved through the recycling of thermal energy.

Talking about the experience of building greenhouses outside the Netherlands, with similar as in Uzbekistan climatic conditions, it was emphasized that projects were implemented in the southern strip of the Russian Federation and on the territory of Kazakhstan. Representatives of the khokimiyat put forward a proposal to implement a pilot project in the Yakkabag district of the Kashkadarya region, with a greenhouse with an area of 1 hectare. This project can become a model center for agronomists, where local specialists will be trained in international standards for the cultivation of agricultural products. During the conversation, information was provided on the climatic conditions in the region, the features of technologies for growing agricultural crops in Uzbekistan and the goals and objectives for expanding export potential were announced. Specialists of the Investment Promotion Agency noted that effective cooperation requires the participation of a local interested partner who is ready to act as an investor in this project. In this regard, the khokimiyat noted its readiness to find suitable local partners.

At the end of the meeting, the participants of the meeting expressed their readiness for further cooperation and discussion of the next projects for the implementation of the project.