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Measures are being taken for the integrated development of industry in Karakalpakstan

On January 5 this year, the Working Group headed by the Minister of Investments, Industry and Trade Laziz Kudratov and consisting of the heads of industry associations, commercial banks and local authorities on site began to study and develop further measures to increase the export, investment and industrial potential of the Republic Karakalpakstan.

Among the visit addresses were many large industrial enterprises of Muynak, Kungrad, Kanlykul, Shumanay and Khodjeyli regions. Meetings with project initiators were held on the ground, and current issues of entrepreneurs and prospects for further development of production capacities were studied. The study pays special attention to analysing the region’s potential in implementing new investment projects in priority sectors.

The work carried out in various regions of the region made it possible to identify several enterprises with significant potential for increasing capacity and further expanding production. Based on a comparative analysis, targeted locations for implementing new investment projects were identified. In general, implementing these measures will increase the volume of industrial production in the Republic of Karakalpakstan by an additional 1 trillion soums in 2023.

New approaches to improving the efficiency of work on expanding industrial production, implementing investment projects and stimulating exports were discussed during a videoconference meeting held on the same day.

During the meeting, the results of 2022 were summed up in the context of industrial growth, export performance and investment activity. So, in Karakalpakstan last year, industrial products worth 17.7 trillion soums were produced, export volumes amounted to $108.6 million, and $40.4 million of foreign direct investment was disbursed. In addition, it was noted that 959 projects under the regional investment program attracted $177 million in investments, which made it possible to create 16,200 new jobs.

The plans for 2023 include bringing the volume of industrial production to 20.5 trillion soums, exports to 122.8 million dollars, and implementing 934 projects worth 582.9 million dollars to create 16,618 new jobs.

It was emphasized that work is currently underway to increase these indicators in the context of each area – industry, investment and export, based on a detailed analysis and effective planning.

To realize the existing potential, the leaders responsible for the directions were given specific tasks to form regional working groups, organize systematic work to visit the regions, identify and mobilize additional reserves, and develop programs for the advanced development of the industry. The need to intensify work with potential investors and entrepreneurs was noted for the implementation of promising investment projects, the transformation of small manufacturing enterprises into medium-sized ones, and medium-sized enterprises into large ones.

As a result of the meeting, instructions were given on the effective implementation of the tasks set and the development based on the study of detailed network schedules for the production of industrial products, localization, and the commissioning of new capacities in the context of regions and industries.

The activities of the Working Groups in the regions continue.


Source: mift.uz