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Large investment projects will be provided with infrastructure at public expense

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the procedure for providing infrastructure for large projects implemented by local and foreign investors. The decision was published in the Lex.uz database.

The document notes that the decision is designed to create an attractive investment environment and ensure the flow of funds from private investors to modernize production facilities and provide them with technologies.

The minimum cost of the investment project, which will be provided with communications at the expense of the state budget, is 200 billion soums . This is the amount indicated in the presidential decree in August last year.

An exception is made for Karakalpakstan and Khorezm – there, at the state expense, they will conduct communications to projects from 50 billion soums. At the same time, in a project worth 50-200 billion soums, infrastructure costs should not exceed 20%.

The costs are divided as follows:
  • for access roads, water supply, and sewerage – 90% under the Republican program for the development of social and industrial infrastructure, 10% from the regional budget;
  • for electrification and gasification – 100% from the state budget, in the form of a loan for three years at 5% per annum;
  • for communication infrastructure – at the expense of service providers and the investor himself.

special commission is being established to assess the feasibility of allocating budgetary funds to provide infrastructure for large projects. Its working body is the Ministry of Economic Development.

Locally, it was instructed to create working groups that will consider the proposed investment projects and recommend the selected plans to the commission. They will also calculate the preliminary costs of infrastructure and choose the best places for connection.

Infrastructure works and their financing will begin when the investment project is implemented by at least 50% .

First, the investor must apply to the Center for Due Diligence of Projects and Import Contracts for an assessment of the project for economic feasibility, compliance with the cost-sharing rate (25%) and other criteria. The Center will provide a conclusion within 15 days.

After that, the investor submits to the local working group an application, a business plan for the project, the conclusion of the Center and other necessary information. The group will review the application within 20 days and submit it to the special commission.

Until the end of the quarter, the commission will study the project, make a decision and send a written response to the applicant. With him, the latter addresses the working group after the conditions for the start of work are met, after which he requests the cost of the work from the service providers.
Source: www.spot.uz