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Issues of using the latest Japanese developments in the electric power industry of Uzbekistan were discussed in Tokyo

In the Japanese capital, representatives of the Embassy of Uzbekistan held talks with Takayuki Murakawa, General Manager of NIPPON STEEL, Tomohira Kagami, Assistant General Manager of Sumitomo Electric, and Hideaki Kitamura, Assistant Manager, Dunyo news agency reported.

During the meeting, representatives of NIPPON STEEL and Sumitomo Electric presented an electric cable that reduces the loss of electrical energy during transmission. Manufactured using new technologies and a specially designed core by NIPPON STEEL, the cable, compared with existing analogues, can reduce power losses during transmission by 15-25%, increase strength, reduce the diameter and ensure a service life of up to 40 years.

During the meeting, representatives of Japanese companies expressed their interest in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy of our country, National Electric Networks JSC, Thermal Power Plants JSC, Energosetproekt design institute and construction companies of the republic in the design and construction of power lines using the developed technology.


Source: dunyo.info