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Issues of cooperation with the OECD in the field of education discussed

First Deputy Minister of Investments and Foreign Trade A. Voitov held talks with Special Advisor to the Secretary-General on Education Policy, Head of the Department for Education and Skills of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Andreas Schleicher, who is visiting our country from April 10 to 13 in order to prepare for international studies in the field of education and participation in them of educational institutions of Uzbekistan.

The purpose of the visit is also to study the work carried out in Uzbekistan on the implementation of the International Student Assessment Program (PISA), as well as the prospects for further expansion of cooperation with the OECD in this direction.

During the meeting, issues of monitoring the quality of education, measures for the practical implementation of the PISA program, providing special assistance to students in the use of knowledge and solving practical problems in the field of economics and production were discussed.

During the conversation, mechanisms for attracting additional investment in this area were also considered in order to ensure wide access of the population to educational services, improve their quality and improve the functioning of the national education system, including through targeted programs of the OECD.

For reference: The International Student Assessment Program (PISA) is aimed at assessing the level of reading, mathematical and science literacy of 15-year-old students using various tests. This project evaluates the creative and critical thinking of young people, their ability to apply the acquired knowledge in practice and motivates them to develop these skills.


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