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International investment agreements: legal framework for attracting foreign FDI

Along with national legislation, international agreements signed between the two countries in the field of investment promotion and reciprocal protection of investments play an important and sometimes pivotal role in attracting foreign investment and act as an additional incentive for investors in making investment decisions.

This is due to the fact that the legal norms contained in international agreements have direct effect and have priority over the norms of national law, which introduces an element of stability when changes or other measures of legal regulation are taken by the state.

International agreements provide additional protection of guarantees for foreign investors and are designed to encourage foreign direct investment in countries that accept investments by providing fair and equitable treatment, providing standard guarantees for the protection of foreign investors, preventing expropriation without appropriate compensation, compensation for losses, as well as protection from discriminatory treatment, attracting international arbitration to resolve disputes, and other advantages.

In addition, international agreements between countries significantly reduce the conclusion of investment agreements between the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan and an individual foreign investor.

Currently, Uzbekistan has concluded about 52 bilateral investment agreements with countries in Europe, the CIS, Asia and Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region and the American continent.

Interested persons can get acquainted with the full list of bilateral agreements concluded between the Republic of Uzbekistan and foreign countries in the field of promotion and mutual protection of investments on the Investment portal.