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How do they plan to change the conclusion of contracts?

Cancellation of several prohibitions, including the acceptance of payments by banks at the expense of third parties and more.

The Ministry of Justice has submitted for discussion the draft presidential decree “On the radical improvement of the role of the institution of the treaty in socio-economic relations.”

It proposes to cancel from May 1:

  • a ban on accepting payments by banks at the expense of third parties;
  • requirements for an advance payment of 15% in the contracts of companies whose main owner is the state;
  • obligatory advance payment in contracts between producers of agricultural / livestock products and procurement organizations;
  • providing information on debts for utilities when certifying contracts.

The ministry also proposes to allow individuals to provide and repay loans in foreign currency by notarizing loan agreeme

The project provides for changes in online auctions, in particular, objects will be put up for auction without debts and bans. This is very important because now there are cases when, after the end of the auction, the buyer finds out that the object has been arrested. Because of this, there is a risk of being left without money and property due to the auction.

The project provides that money can be withdrawn from a bank account without a client’s order only on the basis of a court decision or in cases stipulated in an agreement between the bank and the client.

You can get acquainted with the project in more detail, make your suggestions and comments to it until March 25.