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From June 1, the state will start buying grain at market prices

The purchase price of wheat for the state reserve will double – from 1.55 million to 3 million soums.

Starting from June 1, the state will start selling and buying grain at market prices. Shavkat Mirziyoyev announced this at a meeting on reforming grain procurement, press secretary of the head of state Sherzod Asadov reports.

The President noted that food prices in world markets are growing rapidly. Today, 1 ton of wheat is sold on international exchanges for $400, which is 30% more expensive than at the beginning of the year.

To ensure price stability, it is necessary to increase the supply on the market – by ensuring the interest of farmers. All conditions will be created for farmers and clusters to sell their grain on the stock exchange, the president added.

Both Uzdonmakhsulot and private enterprises will buy grain through the exchange, at market prices – they are allocated 800 billion soums to replenish their working capital. In the future, the purchase of grain for the state reserve will also move to the stock exchange.



The Agriculture Fund will start selling previously purchased 1,783,000 tons of grain monthly, depending on demand.

The state will almost double the purchase price of wheat – from 1.55 million soums to 3 million soums. Based on the average prices on the exchange in July-August, farmers will be paid a positive difference.

For example, if the exchange price of a ton of grain in August is 3.5 million soums, the farmer will receive another 500,000 soums. More than 6 trillion soums will be allocated for these purposes .

Within two weeks, it was instructed to register all grain producers on the stock exchange. They will not be charged exchange fees this season.


  • 500,000 tons of wheat, which will remain at the disposal of farmers, will be accepted for temporary storage at grain enterprises, and from July 1, for the first time, farmers and clusters themselves will put it up for sale at market prices;
  • the state will cover the costs of temporary storage of 500 thousand tons of wheat in grain farms, for which 100 billion soums will be allocated;
  • if there is a desire to sell the surplus grain grown by farmers and clusters, they sell it to state and private grain enterprises at negotiated prices.

In total, the state will provide 7.6 trillion soums for harvesting the current crop. The allocation of this money to the address, as well as the situation in the bread and flour market, will be monitored daily.

Farmers and clusters are the real owners of grain, Mirziyoyev pointed out . Therefore, it is forbidden to withdraw it from them under the pretext of the need for animal or poultry farming in feed.

The sale of grain through the exchange should not be subject to local restrictions – it must be ensured its unhindered delivery to enterprises in any locality. Khokims must compensate for the cost of its delivery to remote areas.



By August 1, state shares in 20 grain-growing enterprises were instructed to be put up for sale. The bakery workshops and shops created under them will be entered into the register and also put up for auction.

The heads of the regions are personally responsible for ensuring stable prices for flour and bakery products, the President stressed. According to him, reducing their production or unreasonably inflating prices will be considered sabotage.


Source: www.spot.uz